Pastor at Zion Evangelical Church
Bland, MO

Zion Evangelical Church (EFCA) (Bland, MO) – Pastor

The Big Picture
Zion Evangelical Church ( is seeking a Pastor who has a pastoral and shepherding heart.

The Church
Zion E-Free is a rural community church of around 70 active members.  The church has been in existence for over 150 years.  Historically, they had been a reformed church that merged and became the United Church of Christ.  In 2001, Zion left the UCC and transitioned over the next few years into the EFCA.  Today, they are passionate about EFCA ministry and seek to be actively involved in the Central District and EFCA ministries like ReachGlobal Crisis Response. Over the last couple years, our church formed a coalition of local churches to start a non-profit called the Community Transformation Ministry.  This ministry is dedicated to serving our community through work projects and service.  We regularly plan and schedule workdays and will have up to five different local churches show up to help serve our community.  We have torn down burned houses, demolished old trailer homes, painted homes, cleaned up yards, and much more.  Our church is full of community-minded servants.

The Candidate
This position will offer leadership to all areas of the church.  He will be a member of the elder board offering leadership in the areas of Zion’s vision and mission.  He will also help oversee the team leaders from the various ministry teams.
Part of this role will involve visiting the elderly and those in the hospital.  Counseling is an occasional need.  The desired candidate will love to spend time just talking with people and being present with them.
The ideal candidate will also have strong administrative skills.  Many of the administrative duties of the church will be overseen by the pastor.  As the solo pastor and only church staff, he must be able to offer general organizational guidance to the various ministries at the church.  The elders and ministry team leaders will look to this position for administrative guidance.
This role requires weekly preaching about 40-45 times a year.  Teaching is also desired but flexible in the avenues in which it is done.  In the past, the pastor has taught a Sunday school or led an evening men’s study.
The ideal candidate for this position will be one who enjoys rural life.  Bland, Missouri is a town of around 500 people.  There is a town of 1,500 which is ten minutes away.  In the other direction, there is a town of 2,500 which is also ten minutes away.  The closest larger town of 20,000 is thirty-five minutes away.  All the men in the church enjoy hunting and fishing.  The ideal candidate will enjoy doing these things also because this will be the primary way to spend time with the men in the church.


Zion Evangelical Church
400 N. Sycamore Street Bland, MO 65014
Bland, MO, Alabama 65014


Jason Lancaster



Bland, MO
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