Pastor or Director of Creative Arts at Woodlands Church



PURPOSE: Under the mission and vision of Woodlands Church, the Creative Arts Pastor will produce engaging and high-quality, live and video services in conjunction with the Ministries Lead Team, Production Team, Tech Arts Ministry, and Worship Arts Ministry.


REPORTS TO: The Executive Pastor or Senior Pastor






a.    Christ-centeredness – Maintains a consistent connection and commitment to Christ; Seeks His direction and strength in fulfilling ministry responsibilities; Seeks to model Christian life; Exhibits Fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control). Gal 5:22-23.

b.    Self-Management - Organizes & prioritizes well; Uses time efficiently; Consistently produces high-quality work; Meets deadlines; Actively seeks to improve job skills; Seeks to develop, improve, and maintain a high level of professional knowledge for given areas of responsibility.

c.     People First/Servanthood - Values and respects each individual they interact with; Expresses a warm, friendly, gracious attitude; Humbly willing to pitch in and do “whatever it takes” to accomplish what is needed; Seeks to go “above and beyond” for the sake of others.

d.    Teamwork/Relationships - Works well on a team; Helpful to coworkers; Works effectively with others; Accepts constructive feedback; Supports teamwork through open and honest communication; Encourages and recognizes the contributions of others; Fully engaged in team activities and meetings; Resolves conflicts gracefully; Guards the unity of the team.

e.    Flexibility/Innovation - Identifies, shares, and is receptive to new ideas; Adapts to new situations; Helps others overcome resistance to change; Recognizes problems, finds new and unique solutions to solve them; Works to improve existing processes; Uses creative & innovative thinking to contribute to organizational and individual objectives; Contributes to group processes to set plans & resolve problems.

f.     Communication - Speaks and writes clearly; Listens to others; Shows sensitivity and caring; Responds promptly to inquiries; Maintains confidentiality; Represents Woodlands Church well in all interactions with others.

g.    Participation and Support – Seeks to personally live out the purpose and priorities of Woodlands Church, and professionally and publicly support it.



a.    Lead on most Sundays of the year;

1.    Schedule leaders when unavailable.

b.   Recruit and develop worship leaders.

c.    Schedule volunteers.

d.   Pastor and disciple volunteers, as well as Worship Leader Cohort (WLC) as team of key volunteer leaders;

Equip WLC to “coach” other volunteers in ministry.

e.    Craft services and service elements.

f.     Manage Planning Center Online, including service orders, scheduling, and updating songs.

g.    Print and arrange chord charts.

h.   Update and set up click tracks/pads.

i.     Delegate tasks and responsibilities to Worship Arts Administrative Assistant as needed.



a.    “Run point” on Sunday initiatives:

1.    Organizing themes with preaching pastors

2.    Research videos

3.    Coordinate video shoots for Sunday special pieces

b.   Lead Production Team meetings.

c.    Print out and arrange service orders for evaluation; adjust service order as necessary.


a.    Work with and possibly supervise the Director of Audio and Lighting, Director of Video and Production, and Worship Arts Administrative Assistant.

b.    Ensure team alignment with organizational purpose and priorities.

c.     Help team members be successful by:

1.    Clarifying roles and responsibilities and providing needed information/resources to fulfill role and responsibilities;

2.    Eliminating unnecessary barriers to getting work done, offering constructive feedback/input;

3.    Establishing and measuring outcomes;

4.    Appraising team member’s performance and coaching for improvement; and

5.    Providing encouragement, support and correction where necessary.


a.    Serve on and work with the Ministries Lead Team and senior leadership to accomplish the overall purpose and priorities of Woodlands Church by providing creative arts support and personnel to other ministries as needed.

b.    Share in pastoral care duties with other members of the staff team as assigned.


a.    A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.

b.    A person of clear Christ-like character, maturity and godly reputation who meets the qualifications described in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.

c.     Has a clear calling specifically to Worship Arts Ministry.

d.    Has a successful track record of recruiting, equipping, making disciples and multiplying volunteers.

e.    A team player who loves being a part of a team and building teams.

f.     Possesses strong organizational, communication and time management skills.

g.    Sincerely loves people with a shepherd’s heart and aches for the lost.

h.    Prefer 5 years of experience leading Worship Ministry.

i.      Sees value and joy in longevity, excited to commit to this adventure for the next five years; and

j.      Embraces EFCA Doctrine with a view to being credentialed.





Woodlands Church is a vibrant, multi-generational, Evangelical Free Church located in Central Wisconsin. Over a thousand people take part in our weekend services either in our new Auditorium or online. As the largest church in our area, we are known for our quality scriptural teaching, vibrant worship and commitment to our community. We value local and global partnerships, regularly contributing people and financial resources. Small groups are part of our culture not only for our adult attendees but in our strong children’s and youth ministries as well. Since our founding 50 years ago, we have been committed to ministering to college students as a church and through supporting campus ministries. We promote a culture that embraces change and innovation. Challenges the last few years have refined our church community, and we have come out stronger. Our united Elder Board and strong staff of 30 (including 7 pastors) work alongside committed volunteers to live out our purpose “To be a Christ centered community, helping people faithfully follow Jesus both locally and globally.” Learn more about us on our website: Our statement of faith and the priorities we strive to live out can be found on




Woodlands Church is located in the heart of Wisconsin. The population of the Stevens Point Metro area is about 70, 000 (which includes Plover: 13,000 and Stevens Point: 26,000.) We are home to the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point (8000 students) and Mid-State Technical College (2700 students). Key industries include insurance, computer software, publishing, and food and drink production. The Wisconsin River, recreational trails, golf courses, local symphony and theater groups, and “The World’s Largest Trivia Contest” are just a sample of “what to do” in our area.


In 2017, the United Way conducted the “Local Indicators for Excellence (LIFE) Report”, an assessment that provides a comprehensive overview of the quality of life in Portage County. The report committee chair, Kathy Davies, states, “We have a community in which our residents feel safe and feel a strong sense of community. We have a wealth of natural resources, and an abundance of outdoor recreation activities as well as art and cultural activities. We have high quality, accessible health care, as well as excellent K-12 school systems and higher education institutions--UWSP and MSTC. We also have a diversified economic base, and a generous community that gives of its time, talent and resources. The list goes on and on.”




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