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Mentoring at WVR: A Challenge Worth Taking


At Wears Valley Ranch, God Works Through Mentors


Our vision at Wears Valley Ranch is to see each child inspired to follow Christ, healed from the past, and equipped to reach their potential. Click for WVR Video


Mentors are essential instruments for accomplishing our vision at Wears Valley Ranch! They are the front lines of the change we work and pray for in the lives of our students.


Mentoring is life-on-life ministry. It is real-world discipleship. It is consistent loving care and discipline. It is changing the narrative in the life of a child from “nobody cares” to “I am known and loved”.


Mentoring is challenging, but it is a challenge worth taking.


“My two years of mentoring were both such a blessing and a challenge as I learned more about and experienced more deeply God’s love and learned how to better show love to others. I wouldn’t take back those two years for anything!“ –Klara, WVR Mentor


Come see the power of the gospel on display as you participate in this essential ministry to children from crisis situations.  Is the Lord calling you?


At Wears Valley Ranch, God Works in Mentors


In an environment of love and support, you will grow practical skills in leading, teaching, counseling, and peacemaking. These essential life and ministry skills will equip you for future ministry experience wherever the Lord takes you.


Mentors also have a unique opportunity for equipping through our accredited Bible Institute, St. Andrew’s Institute of Biblical Studies (SAIBS). Each Fall and Spring semester, Mentors can increase their knowledge in the areas of Bible Interpretation, Biblical Counseling, Evangelism, and Personal Discipleship. Each Semester has a Class and a Cohort with your fellow mentors at WVR. Free Master’s level credit is available through SAIBS.


We don’t just want to give you opportunities to serve, we are committed to further equipping you for ministry beyond the Ranch.





How old are Mentors?

·     Mentors are 19–29 year old singles.

What type of children come to Wears Valley Ranch?

·     Children, age 6–16, who come from a crisis in their home that is not of their own making.

Where do the children of Wears Valley Ranch go to school?

·     We have a private accredited Christian school on the campus of Wears Valley Ranch where all/only the WVR students attend. And, as Mentors, you will provide in the teaching/tutoring of 2-3 students.

Is Mentoring fun?

·     Mentoring is so much fun! From House Vacations to Ranch Olympics to Mini Courses, to many many more experiences, Mentoring is a ton of fun.

How long can one serve as a Mentor?

·     Mentors may serve for the Summer (3 months), the School Year (9 months), or the Calendar Year (12 months). Some mentors are invited to serve a second year!

When are work days and time off?

·     Mentors serve from late Sunday night through Friday afternoon. Weekends are off. In addition to weekends off, Mentors receive 30 weekdays of vacation time.

What compensation do Mentors receive?

·     Mentors receive a monthly stipend. Lodging is free, as well as all meals in the Residential Home and Dining Hall. Insurance is available.

What are formal responsibilities for Mentors?

·     Mentor/teach 2-3 students in daily academics.

Provide consistent loving discipline for the students in their home.
Continue care during Houseparent’s days off, including meal preparation.
Assist in recreational supervision
Provide supervision of children as they complete daily tasks: chores, laundry, room cleaning, and kitchen duties
Assist House Parents in the spiritual discipling of students

·     Work with your Co-Mentor in teaching Evening Devotions when the House Dad is absent.

What informal opportunities exist for Mentors?

·     Counseling: conversations between students and mentors occur daily and many of those conversations address current and past struggles.

·     Inspiration: Mentors build bridges of trust with students from which they can speak truth in love. Mentors contribute significantly to the ministry of inspiring students to following Christ.

·     Coaching: Mentors provide practical wisdom to students who are learning to navigate life and learn personal responsibility.

·     Discipleship: Mentors, along with House Parents, are the embodiment of Deuteronomy chapter six where God instructs His people to impress His commandments and instructions on their children…it is life on life: when you sit at home and when you walk along the road and when you lie down and when you rise up.

·     Music: Mentors have the opportunity to participate in the weekday chapel music team through singing and/or playing music.

·     Preaching: Mentors aspiring to preach can receive coaching in sermon preparation and delivery, and may be given opportunities to preach in the weekday chapel.

·     Hiking/Exploring: Because WVR’s property boarders the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Students, House Parents, and Mentors frequent the many amazing destinations inside this park.

Where do Mentors attend Church?

·      You are free to attend the church of your choice. There is a church which meets on the campus of WVR, as well as several solid churches within a 45min drive.

What happens on the weekends?

·     Mentors are free to explore the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, or the many other destinations in the area. Mentors are encouraged to spend time together. Many hike, camp, shop, or visit other locations during the weekend. You are welcome to travel away from WVR on the weekends or remain on campus. Many deep friendships are forged between Mentors as they spend their weekends together.

How can I grow as a Minister, Missionary, or Pastor while serving as a Mentor at WVR?

·     Through St. Andrew’s Institute of Biblical Studies, Mentors not only receive excellent teaching in the classes, but also practical ministry wisdom in the cohorts.

·     Through a partnership with a local church, Mentors can receive coaching and training in the context of a local church.

·     Mentors can receive training in sermon prep and sermon delivery.

·     Dr. Jordan Branch has two decades of Pastoral Ministry and served as a Church Planter for eight years in Denver, CO. Dr. Branch is eager to help equip men and women for ministry.


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“As a twelve-year-old I surrendered my life to full time ministry, never knowing I would be here, and it’s so sweet to see Christ bring freedom to the children of Wears Valley Ranch.” –Clayton, WVR Mentor


“It was not what I expected, but so much better than anything I could have dreamed. There is not a minute that I’ve spent here that I would trade for any wealth, opportunity, or recognition in this world.” –Jenna, WVR Mentor


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