House Parents at Wears Valley Ranch
Sevierville, Tennessee

Our vision at Wears Valley Ranch is to see each child inspired to follow Christ, healed from the past, and equipped to reach their potential.

House Parents are the most essential instrument for accomplishing our vision at Wears Valley Ranch. We are more than a school, we are a family, and that family dynamic, atmosphere, and culture flow from God through the House Parents. They are the front lines of the change we work and pray for in the lives of our students. House Parents are the central instruments God uses to bring health and healing in the lives of our students. They are the embodiment of Deuteronomy 6 when God instructs his people to impress his commandments and instructions on their children…it is life on life: when you sit at home and when you walk along the road and when you lie down and when you rise up. That means house parenting is hard, it is messy, but it is in the messiness of relationships where change happens, where a loving house dad and mom love these students and point them to Jesus.


28-32 days of paid vacation per year
No more than 8 students per house
Each student is private placement
Students at WVR have a problem in their home which they did not create
Each house includes 2 Mentors (College-age Students)
Attend church of your choice that agrees with the WVR vision and statement of faith
Live 5 minutes from The Great Smoky Mountains National Park



A strong, Christ-centered marriage
Clear Christian testimony with demonstrated integrity
Demonstrates a strong commitment to the local church.
Cheerful, affectionate disposition
Patient, flexible and energetic
Team-player; must model servant-leadership for Residential Mentors and children
Enjoys problem solving
Servant-oriented exhorter
Responsive to authority and supervision



Model a Christ-centered marriage and provide a nurturing family environment
Provide informal biblical counseling to students and mentors
Provide 11 nutritionally balanced meals a week (Summer 14 meals a week)
Learn and abide by the Staff Handbook
If needed, tutor WVR students in daily academics
Provide Spiritual Leadership (daily discipleship and leading evening devotions)
Give consistent loving discipline, nurture, affirmation, and affection
Administer prescribed medication to students
Participate in recreational activities?
Teach God’s Word regularly



2 days off a week
3 weeks of vacation per year during scheduled breaks
16-18 additional days of paid time-off given on a schedule
Room and board plus salary
All meals covered on work days
Use of Ranch vehicles on work days
Medical insurance
Participation in Retirement Program


Do you need to be married to serve as a House Parent? Answer: Yes
What is the ideal size for a House Parent Family? Answer: Less than four (preferably less than three) of your own children currently living in your home.
May a family pet live in our house as we House Parent? Answer: No. Dogs and cats are welcome on campus but must stay outside.
May House Parents responsibly drink alcohol when they are off duty? Answer: No. For the sake of our students from abusive backgrounds, all employees of Wears Valley Ranch voluntarily give up alcohol consumption while employed by WVR.
Can House Parents continue their education while serving? Answer: Maybe. House Parenting is very engaging. Depending on the type of study, and your personal family commitments, continuing education may be a possibility while House Parenting.
May couples apply who intend to serve less than two years as House Parents? Answer: No. We desire House Parents commit to serving at least 2–5 years for the sake of consistency for the students.
How much to House Parents make? Answer: TBD. We do not disclose salary numbers, but we do believe in providing well for our House Parents. For approximate reference, our total compensation package for House Parents exceeds Tennessee state average.


How to Apply?


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