Worship Pastor at Waypoint Community Church
Goshen, IN 46528


Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 250

Location: Goshen, Indiana

The Role: Worship Pastor


Meet Waypoint Community Church:

We know that relationships are complex, but God called us to be in community with Him, others, and the world around us. We believe that when we connect with, know, and trust God, our relationships take on significance. It begins the ongoing process you see below.

Encounter...a casual environment to connect with God and others.
Connecting with God and others.
Engage...an environment that leads to a deeper fondness of God and others.
Knowing God and others.
Extend...an environment with God and others that takes you beyond Waypoint, into the world around us.
Trusting God and others.

Waypoint Community Church from Bryce Ergle on Vimeo.
About the Worship Pastor:

We are looking for a passionate worship leader, who effectively lives out our 4 core values and mission. The Worship Pastor will lead the congregation every Sunday morning and lead the volunteers to sharpen and develop their personal skill sets and giftings. The ideal candidate will also have a reasonable amount of tech knowledge and experience to utilize various media programs. The Worship Pastor will lead with a heart of worship, recruit and train volunteers, cast and execute vision, and disciple teams and the congregation.


The Worship Pastor Will:

Live out Waypoint’s Core Values: Care for the Whole Person, Authenticity, Relationally Connected, and Always Getting Better.
Be passionate about Waypoint’s Mission: “Adjust Course Towards Christ.”
Be a dynamic and diverse worship leader.
Cast and execute a vision in your ministry field.
Have effective communication with teams and provide necessary resources for the team to be successful. This includes scheduling volunteers in a timely manner.
Create an environment of worship for volunteers and the congregation.
Lead worship while playing an instrument.
Understand and train multiple tech programs such as Multitrack, Ableton, ProPresenter 7, Pro Tools, digital consoles, and other media programs.
Lead, manage, recruit, and care for multiple volunteers for tech and worship team while providing training and support as needed.
Attend the weekly staff meeting.
Collaborate with other staff members.
Allow multiple voices to sing from the stage and lead songs.
Play “special songs or elements” - may include secular songs or pieces that enhance the message.
Tear down and set up the stage.
Help facilitate and potentially lead tech projects around the facility.
Manage the worship budget.
Understand live streaming platforms and audio mixing.

What You Bring:

Education & Experience

3 years of ministry experience with a passion for worship/tech.
Proficiency in multiple instruments is preferred.
Personal Characteristics

Has spiritual maturity.
Driven and self-disciplined.
A learner - willingness to grow.
Leads with pastoral care.
Is theologically sound but not “rigid”.
Leads with humility - does not have to be the main.
Holds a standard of excellence.
Has a comfortable stage presence.

What it's Like to Live in Goshen, Indiana:

When you think of a town in the Midwest, Goshen would fit that vision. Our community has a background in the Mennonite and Amish faith. With this, we have multiple beliefs and feelings within our community, but it is a community full of love and respect. We have the safe, small-town feel while also having a more vibrant and liberal community in our backyard. This contributes to the vast diversity that is experienced in Goshen.

We have a number of outdoor amenities for hunting and fishing, and we experience a vibrant variety of all four seasons. There are also numerous parks and walking trails to experience all of the natural beauty. Residents can also buy fresh, locally-grown food by visiting the Goshen Farmers Market, or you can pick it yourself at Kercher’s Sunrise Orchard. One of our town’s prized possessions is Goshen College, which is associated with the Mennonite Church USA. Middlebury, which is only a 10-15 minute drive from Goshen, also has a great school system, arguably one of the best in Indiana.

Goshen is located in Elkhart County, which is known as the RV capital of the world and brings in a lot of manufacturing business. In addition, Goshen is close to Mishawaka and Notre Dame, a couple of bigger cities, if you are looking for a little more activity. We are also located very close to Michigan and within 2-3 hours from Chicago, Illinois. With its proximity to more urban areas and its safe and diverse environment, Goshen makes a great place to raise a family and call home.


Waypoint Community Church
56893 Co Rd 29
Goshen, Indiana 46528


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Goshen, IN 46528
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