Lead Pastor at Water's Edge Church
Henning, MN 56551

Water’s Edge Church, often known as WE, is committed to ministering to those not here yet. WE believe our purpose as the Church is to engage with those in our community and beyond who need Jesus. Worshipping God, engaging people, and encouraging spiritual growth are the cornerstones of our mission.   We’re searching for a Lead Pastor who is the champion of cultivating the heart in our attenders toward a passion for our community to know Jesus and for our body to know Him more deeply. A good fit for WE is someone who has a heart for the lost that is burdened for those who don't know Jesus or haven't fully surrendered to him.  Additionally, WE is looking for a pastor that guides believers to discover and use their gifts to impact others.  WE values worship and seeks someone with a worshipful heart that rejoices in God's presence and believes in a holistic lifestyle of worship.

As a staff-led church, the Lead Pastor needs to balance leadership and shepherding. They will exhibit both strength and compassion in decision-making, preaching, advising, correcting and counseling.

WE expects our pastor to buffer against power and control by generally contributing to the thriving of people, advocating for equality, and empowering believers to use their spiritual gifts with maturity.

•          Lives out their faith and leads others to do the same
•          Actively promotes the mission and vision of WE
•          Relational communicator and leader
•          Demonstrates commitment to continual spiritual, professional and personal growth
•          Adheres to the Statement of Faith
•          Willing to become a member
•          Is baptized by immersion or willing to be baptized

•          Leads vision casting for each ministry season
•          Guides spiritual health and maturity of the church
•          Encourages missional thrust of the church
•          Causes the weekly teaching and weekend services
•          Provides leadership to the Board of Overseers and the Staff
•          Responsible for the development a budget reflective of goals and success measures for the next season of ministry
•          Accountable to the Board of Overseers for the performance of all ministry and non-ministry staff through success measures
•          Responsible for the organization of staff and authorized to delegate duties to fulfill success measures

•          Demonstrates a wise and discerning spirit
•          Is a passionate worshiper of God
•          Seeks and promotes prayer as a priority, both personally and in the life of the church
•          Demonstrates compassion and heartfelt love for people with a Christ-like concern for their spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional well-being
•          Models surrender
•          Seeks to equally demonstrate strength and humility
•          A passion for mentoring, discipleship and helping others develop their gifts
•          Is personable and approachable
•          Seeks to be known and involved in the community
•          Enjoys being in relationship with attendees and interested in the events of their lives

If you are interested in leading a healthy body of believers who cares about each other and desires to minister well in our community, apply at ConvergeP3.org

Safety measures implement related to COVID-19 include:
-Availability of online worship through YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.
-Screening of all staff for fever.
-Masking of all staff and volunteers when not on stage.  Expectation of masking among attenders.
-Hand sanitizer given by greeter upon entrance.
-Signage supporting self-screening for symptoms, masking, and distancing.
-Seating for attenders is set up allowing for distance of 6+ feet apart.
-No coffee or treats available.
-No bulletins.
-Online giving remains the preferred option as an offering plate will not be passed in order to avoid potential spread.
-Creative options for communion to minimize potential for exposure.



Water's Edge Church
309 Holden Avenue
Henning, Minnesota 56551


Matt Thorson - Search Team Chair



Henning, MN 56551
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