Pastor at Waiakea Baptist Bible Church
Hilo, HI

Waiakea Baptist Bible Church (Hilo, HI) – Pastor


The Big Picture

Waiakea Baptist Bible Church (WBBC), initially known as Waiakea Uka Bible Church (WUBC), is seeking to fill the position of full-time pastor.


The Church

WUBC was established about 25 years ago in the town of Hilo, located on the Island of Hawaii/County of Hawaii, also known as the Big Island, the southernmost and largest island in the State of Hawaii. In April of 2023, WBBC held its church dedication at its first ever newly-purchased facility at 400 Lama Street on the outskirts of Hilo. Prior to the acquisition of the church facility in November 2022, WUBC/WBBC operated and held services in rented facilities, and the local YMCA, as well as shared church facilities.With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and many answered prayers, WBBC has functioned without a pastor since July 2022. However, its pulpit has not lacked of spirit-filled speakers. WBBC has been blessed with capable speakers of the Word, including retired pastors, active pastors, referrals from the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention and other churches, as well as three of its deacons. The average attendance, since holding services at the new facility, is about 50-55. The age make-up is primarily in the 55+ age group. WBBC holds one Sunday worship service with Sunday School classes for adult, youth, and children, and provides a nursery during service. Worship services and the Adult Bible Study are also available to be viewed on YouTube. A weekly prayer group is held every Friday morning via Zoom.



The Pastor

Ideally, we are seeking an ordained Southern Baptist minister with some experience leading a church as a pastor but will consider other ministry experience. Our most desirable qualities in a pastor is someone who: 1) has a deep and personal love for Jesus and who is committed to prayer, personal growth, and guidance from the Lord, 2) is a wise leader who teaches from the Bible, and 3) can deliver messages which are grounded in the Word in a clear manner that is interesting to a diverse audience. Personal experience working in communities made up of people with varying cultures, such as Hawaii, is also preferred.



The Compensation

Full-time pastor’s salary is $50,000/year plus medical coverage for pastor only. Housing assistance and other benefits are available.




Waiakea Baptist Bible Church
Hilo, HI
Hilo, Hawaii 96720


Jason Lancaster
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Hilo, HI
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Full Time
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