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Vox Veniae is a 16 year old multi-ethnic and multi-generational church community rooted in the historical Christian church and embedded in East Austin. There are about 140 members and an average of 130 attendees each Sunday. The values that provide the motivation for what we do and how we live are artistry, posture, empathy, participation, peculiarity, and mystery.

The Pastor of Children and Families supports the Vox community in partnering with both children and adults to facilitate a mutual space of learning, care and formation for our children and youth so they can be grounded in knowing they are inherently loved by God as they discern how they are invited to love their little neighbors and the world around them.

The Leadership Team is made up of the Pastoral and Navigation Teams. The Pastor of Children and Families will join the Pastoral Team in a shared leadership structure. The Pastoral Team consists of the Pastor of Formation and Administration, the Pastor of Community and Teaching, and the Pastor of Children and Families. The
Navigation Team consists of four church-nominated lay leaders who are responsible for spiritual formation, community and partnerships, children and youth (known as Greenhouse and ZAMYN), administration, and finance.

Our desire for families with children and youth is that through Greenhouse (children ministry) and ZAMYN (teenage youth ministry) our kids will have an authentic experience with God and each other as they grow in community. We want Greenhouse and ZAMYN to feel like an extension of our liturgy and hope to create a safe space for kids of all ages to wonder, contemplate, create, celebrate and have fun together. On average, there are currently 30 children and 10 youth that attend each Sunday (our full Greenhouse roster currently has upwards of 80 kids, with many growing families).

Pastor of Children & Families:

  • Lead in developing the mission and vision for Greenhouse and ZAMYN to families with children & youth.
  • Partner with families with children and youth in promoting their spiritual formation and development, inviting conversation and mutuality between Vox and families.
  • Integrate children and youth into the greater Vox community, including: coordinating child/family dedications, children and youth baptisms, opportunities at churchwide Fall Retreat.
  • Facilitate periodic learning opportunities (workshop, book club, providing resources, etc.) for families with children and youth to become equipped in navigating faith formation and identity development together.
  • Foster an inviting, safe, and creative atmosphere in which children and youth can grow, including: tending the children’s and youth space at Vesper, reviewing/updating Greenhouse and ZAMYN safety policies, welcoming new families with children and youth.
  • Select, adapt, or create developmentally appropriate theological curriculum for Greenhouse and ZAMYN.
  • Equip and organize a team of volunteers for Greenhouse and ZAMYN.
  • Coordinate ZAMYN including monthly Sunday morning meetings, periodic social gatherings, explore camp/retreat options, and facilitate transitions from Greenhouse into ZAMYN.
  • Share multiple times annually in the Sunday morning homily in coordination with the Vox preaching team. For someone new to preaching, we would love the opportunity to help develop this capacity.


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