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We partner with people in villages to help them build schools for their own kids. The community donates the land, they make the bricks, haul the foundation stones, carry the sand and the water – and we add the metal roofing and the cement that turns all of their hard work into classrooms. We never target a particular village – we go to those villages which invite us and show us that they are ready to work, and to work hard, to build a school. Almost every village, in some sense, “needs” a secondary school; but we define need by people’s willingness to work for it – and therefore we will go even to the most remote and difficult areas if it is there that people are ready to work. Every one of our schools is financially sustainable from the day it opens; meaning that the teacher's salaries are paid by the students' tuition. We never want their schools to be dependent upon outside funds that might one day dry up. We seek out Christian teachers from universities in Africa who are ready to give of themselves, and we send missionaries to work alongside them. Although they are the teachers in the classroom, their role transitions when the bell rings, and they become students of the world around them. We ask them to work in community as they live out and share the Gospel with their students.

Missionary volunteers with us live with all the other African teachers and you learn to do life like an East African. We don't take you to a nice house in the city or even a separate mission house in the village. How could you learn the way of life? You learn to cook food, eat food, speak the language, fetch water, farm, and so much more. That in itself speaks volumes to people. You are not just someone who is in and out; you are a member of the community. And that gives you a platform for the gospel. These people know about Jesus’ and there are many people who are truly Christ followers. But there are also people that are "Christian" the same way that country music is "Christian." A lot of it is cultural and needs sound doctrine.

You can come be a teacher and a learner with us for a few months, a year, or forever. We want to exchange skills. You teach them English and computer and they teach you everything else. A friend of mine said it best: we may be the "most educated" but we also have the most to learn.



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