Associate Pastor at Victory English Fellowship
Hsinchu City, Taiwan

Position Status: Full-Time, Salaried (includes stipend for relocation cost)

Qualifications: mature Christian man, Master Degree in theology, Christian education, or related Christian ministry

Purpose: The Associate Pastor aids in all pastoral responsibilities as deemed necessary and/or appropriate by the Senior Pastor, who is under the complete authority of Victory Chinese Lutheran Church Elders and Deacons.


Conduct one’s personal life in such a way as to display to a high standard of spiritual depth and maturity, morals, integrity, and ministerial ethics, working closely with VEF staff as part of a team.

Pursue one’s own spiritual growth through spiritual disciplines such as personal Bible study, prayer, fasting, and retreats.

Respect and appreciate the theological and cultural diversity of an “international fellowship”.

Support the theological beliefs and statements of Victory Chinese Lutheran Church. (review the Lutheran Brethren statement of faith - )


Support the Lutheran Brethren denominational statements and position papers - . (Though it is not a strict requirement to agree with these statements, if there is disagreement, the person considering a staff position with VEF is requested to inform VEF leadership for further conversation.)

Assist VEF staff and Co-workers in the overall programming of the church, aid in special projects, and implement specific assignments related to general pastoral activities.

Preach both services once monthly or as requested by VEF leadership. When Senior Pastor is on vacation, preach both services, three times monthly, and oversee all ministries.

Teach occasional Bible studies and give oversight and direction to all cell groups (presently 8 groups).

Assist in the expanding ministry to foreign students on two neighboring, large university campuses.

Provide pastoral counseling and spiritual direction as needed to VEF members.

Be present in church office 5 mornings weekly, allowing afternoons and evenings to be flexible for home office hours and connections with members, non-Christians, and cell group meetings.

Meet regularly with staff for planning, evaluating and coordinating the ministries of the church.



Victory English Fellowship
No. 2 JIAN GONG 1st Rd, East Dist.
Hsinchu City, Taiwan, California 00000


Tom Curry


Hsinchu City, Taiwan
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
adequate salary with benefits, moving expenses, pension
Ordained position
Exempt status
Personal Interaction
Church Ministry