Student Ministry Pastor/Director at Ventura Missionary Church
Ventura CA 93003

Ventura Missionary Church

Student Ministry Director/Pastor

Job Description


Job Title:            Student Ministry Director/Pastor


Reports To:        Family Life Pastor


Classification:   Full-Time, Exempt Position


Job Description

The purpose of the Student Ministry Director/Pastor is to help students live and share the transforming love of Jesus. The Student Ministry Director/Pastor will do this by developing teams of adult leaders to minister to students, championing a thriving small-group ministry, creating weekly environments of teaching and interaction with scripture, and spending time directly with students on campuses and in programs.


The Student Ministry Director/Pastor needs to agree with Ventura Missionary Church’s Statement of Faith and agree to employment subject to, and conditioned upon, a lifestyle consistent with that Statement of Faith and the employee handbook. This position must have a philosophy of ministry that is aligned with Scripture, with our Statement of Faith, and with our Core Values and Vision.


Primary Responsibilities
This is not a complete list of responsibilities and may be adjusted at any time by the supervisor:


·         The primary responsibility of this position is to effectively develop and lead two weekly high-energy, large group gatherings (one for middle school and one for high school) that emphasizes volunteer-led small groups, and supervising a discipleship process that results in the continued spiritual transformation of our students.

·         Hosting and developing high energy outreach events

·         Providing on-going leadership and training to paid staff and volunteers

·         Partnering with Ventura Missionary School (VMS) to make disciples and reach students and families

·         Developing relationships with students on our own VMS campus and other local school campuses



This position will report directly to the Family Life Pastor, work alongside other staff and ministry directors, and will directly supervise the following:


·        Student Ministry Assistant (25 hours a week)

·        Middle School large group and small group volunteers

·        High School large group and small group volunteers

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

·         Have a personal relationship with Jesus as Lord and Savior, believe that the Bible is God’s Word and standard for faith and daily-living, and be a Christian role model in attitude, speech, and actions towards others.

·         Strong Bible knowledge

·         Strong leadership skills

·         Ability to recruit high-quality volunteers

·         Heart and gifting for developing thriving small group ministry

·         Champion for teenagers and volunteers

·         Enthusiastic and engaging personality

·         Exceptional verbal and written communication skills

·         Ability to understand and relate to students, volunteer leaders, and parents

·         Ability to lead and organize adults and students into functional ministry teams

·         Lead and coordinate ministry initiatives

·         Strong work ethic

·         Problem-solving and conflict resolution techniques

·         Operate in a team environment, often working cross-functionally with other teams


Minimum Job Qualifications

·         Successful completion of fingerprinting process and criminal background clearance

·         Minimum three (3) years of experience in leading a youth ministry of 25 students or more

·         Completion of a Bachelor’s Degree


Selection Process

The Family Life Pastor will supervise the selection process for this position, in collaboration with Lead Pastor, Executive Pastor, and Human Resources Department, with input from a selected team of staff and volunteers.



The compensation for this position will be determined based on established salary ranges for a Director/Pastoral staff Level 2 Family Ministry on the compensation chart, taking into consideration experience and education. The starting salary range for this position will be 66,560.00- 72,000 per year and includes medical, dental, vision and 403b benefits.


Appraisal and Review

This position will receive a 90-day review and an annual review from the Family Life Pastor. The reviews will be in written form, using a review document approved by the Family Life Department.  Each review will (1) set objectives and goals for coming year, and (2) review performance and ministry objectives from previous year.


This job description was last reviewed on 12.13.23


Ventura Missionary Church
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Summer Mae Barraza
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Ventura CA 93003
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
66,560-72,000 per year
Ordained position
Exempt status
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