Lead Pastor at Vanderbloemen
Wayzata, MN 55447

Meet Trinity Church Wayzata:

Trinity Church of Wayzata is a new church in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. It was begun by people brought together by the same basic needs – grace, truth and hope. Grace for what’s broken. Truth for what’s wrong. Hope for what’s missing. Unfinished people trusting in a finished work. We exist to extend the same grace, truth and hope to everyone we encounter.  Trinity Church of Wayzata was founded in the summer of 2017 by four families who shared a desire to be part of a church in the Reformed theological tradition which would carry out the true mission of the church: transformation of the world by the inherent power of the Gospel of Christ. Transformation of those inside the church through regular gospel worship, teaching and fellowship; transformation of the surrounding communities by ministering to those in spiritual and physical need in the name of Christ; and in the same way transformation of Minneapolis as a city-facing church in its suburbs.


Work: Church start/plant in the suburbs of western Minneapolis.
Position/Role: Lead preaching pastor that provides primary spiritual, visionary and strategic leadership
Vision: The outpouring of the gospel for the good of the world.
Theological Emphasis: Gospel centered, reformed, expository preaching.
Families: We have a core group of 6 committed families.
The Leadership: Lay people elder board.
Neighborhood: Wayzata, MN (Suburb of Minneapolis, MN).
The Location: Currently meeting in local elementary school.
About the Lead Pastor:

The Lead Pastor will provide primary spiritual, visionary and strategic leadership to TCW as well as serve as the primary teaching pastor. The candidate will bring a grace-centered and thoughtful theology to the community. They will lead a healthy team of Elders and leaders in the church through a balance of discipleship, personal evangelism and community outreach. This individual will delight in bringing God’s word in a refreshing, engaging way, pointing the hearts of our people to Christ each week. The ideal candidate will demonstrate a deep prayer life and a proven commitment to balancing the rhythms of work and life. They will also have the strength of vision casting for the next season of congregational life and community impact and have the ability to motivate and inspire men, women and children to use their gifts to further the vision and mission of Trinity.

The Lead Pastor will:

Share in the vision and mission of TCW.
Demonstrate in his life what it means to walk by faith in Christ.
Serve as primary preaching Pastor, delivering teaching that is expository and grace-focused.
Offer life application through sermons (conversational tone) and personal interaction.
Shepherd the Elders and families within the church context.
Communicates biblical truth in a way which inspires people to trust in Jesus and impact the world
What You Bring:


Graduate level college degree – Masters of Divinity/Theology is preferred.
It would be an additional benefit to have 5-7 years’ experience in a Lead Pastor role.


Excellent expository preaching skills that leads everyone closer to Christ (preach to a multiple generational context).
Ability to establish a vision for ministry (5-10 year) and possesses an entrepreneurial ability to help bring TCW church plant to maturity.
Comfortable and confident engaging in theological discourse to help deepen the faith of others.


A fully devoted follower of Christ who leads others into full, personal devotion by their example.
Possess a passion and strategy for church planting.
A willingness to maximize personal capacity for growth.
A supportive spouse who has a vested interest in both the marriage and the ministry, through which the relationship demonstrates a healthy marriage partnership.
Display a high level of emotional and relational intelligence.


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Wayzata, MN 55447
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