Associate Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church
Ashland, OH

Trinity Lutheran Church was founded in 1839 and has an average attendance of 500 in four worship services each weekend, using a variety of styles. Communion is offered twice a month at each of the services. Ashland is a city of approx 20,000, 66 miles SW of Cleveland and 82 miles NE of Columbus and home of Ashland University and Ashland Theological Seminary. It is a city with well-developed parks and recreation, excellent local schools, and a thriving business climate.

The congregation at Trinity is attentive to the Word, prayer, worship, family, and benevolence outreach to the community and elsewhere. We have a highly active Christian Education program, music program, hundreds of volunteers, plus women’s/men’s/youth/children’s/pre-school/after school/radio/video/missions/evangelism ministries and we focus on discipleship. We are part of an energetic and growing local community.

We are seeking an Associate Pastor who will evidence:

Fidelity — a pastor who lives out faith in Jesus Christ, who is doctrinally sound, and who shows with their life the value of that sound doctrine

Promise — a pastor who wants the freedom, opportunity, and responsibility to minister faithfully, but also someone whose best days are ahead of them, and who desires to find new and successful ways to engage our community with the Gospel

Participation — a pastor who participates in the life of the congregation and the community

Capability — a pastor who is hard working and self-motivated, someone who does not resent the hours necessary to do this job well. Our pastor will have certain areas of emphasis, but their ministry will include all areas of pastoral ministry

Community — Our staff is large, and our office environment is joyful, filled with laughter and love. We want someone who will contribute to this ethos. It is an absolute gift to work in a church environment like this. The pastor must be a positive influence and a team player.

General Responsibilities:

As a pastor of the congregation the Associate Pastor is responsible for Word and Sacrament ministry under the direction and supervision of the Senior Pastor. Regular pastoral responsibilities such as weekly preaching, teaching, providing spiritual counseling and pastoral care will be required. Special services and ministerial functions such as officiating at weddings, and funerals and regular but non-weekend services such as weekday and evening services on special occasions and observances (i.e. Ash Wednesday, Advent and Lenten Vespers, Holy Week, Christmas etc.) will also be required. General administrative responsibilities will include oversight and possibly development of various ministries and committees, as well as participation in discipleship relationships within the congregation to aid in the development of current and future lay leadership in the congregation. Participation in the Church council and regular participation and oversight of various committees will also be required, as well as other duties as they may be assigned by the Senior Pastor.

Specific Responsibilities:

The Associate Pastor’s area of focus will be determined based upon the needs of the congregation and the gifting and experience of the candidate.

All of Trinity’s ministries are discipleship ministries. The Associate Pastor will be expected to develop regular discipleship mentoring relationships and is expected to participate in those relationships within the staff as well.


A true and personal faith in God through the Lord Jesus Christ.
Belief in the infallibility and authority of the Holy Scriptures.
Subscription to the Ecumenical Creeds and Confessions of the Lutheran Church as faithful witnesses to the truth of Scripture.
A Master of Divinity or its equivalent.
Willingness and ability to work collegially and professionally as part of a team with a large staff and the Senior Pastor.
Committed to participating in and developing a discipleship community, and actively living as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
Committed to living a faithful and Godly life in accordance with the Holy Scriptures and conducting oneself in such a manner as to not bring reproach upon themselves, their family, or the Church.
Self-motivated and able to work independently and with accountability toward directed goals of the congregation.
Willingness and ability to serve a congregation composed of diverse denominational backgrounds in a diverse variety of worship styles and settings.

To apply, please send a letter of interest and resume/CV to Adam Kim, Call Committee Chair.


Trinity Lutheran Church
508 Center Street
Ashland, Ohio 44805


Adam Kime


Ashland, OH
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