Student Ministry Intern at Trinity Church of the Nazarerene
Rowland Heights, CA

Position: Student Ministry Intern (Part-Time)

Youth Ministry in the San Gabriel Valley has challenges and incredible opportunities. The culture in greater Los Angeles is complex and fast-paced, impacting student ministry in many ways. There are educational pressures, secularization, and saturation of digital technology, to name a few. However, ministry among Generation Z (born between 1999 and 2015) comes with one of the most energizing and hopeful opportunities for the 21st-century church. According to Barna, half of Gen. Z is nonwhite, making it the most racially and ethnically diverse generation in American history. The enthusiasm and passion young people bring to the table are invigorating. Their hunger for the Kingdom of God and their sharing the Gospel message of hope while living out a consecrated life is inspiring and life-giving.

An incarnational approach to our diverse student ministry will help us foster a sustainable environment that captures the imagination of our students by empowering them to follow Jesus and disciple their friends. Since youth are conduits for change and transformation, we envision a ripple effect in the church. As a result, our church has a vision to move toward becoming intergenerational and intercultural by ministering together while embracing and celebrating diversity.

We are looking for individuals willing to pour themselves into students' lives, partner with their families, and dialogue with their communities to build a movement of evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development. We are seeking visionary leaders who embody an apostolic function with a shepherd's heart—someone who has soft eyes and uses the capacity of youth leaders. We are looking to set the bar high and will match this with a commitment and care from our church, Lead Pastor, and staff to help make this vision possible.

Reports to: Lead Pastor


  • Invests time and energy in their spiritual formation as disciples of Jesus, enthusiastically participates in the church's life, and is empowered by the Holy Spirit to grow in Christlikeness (Manual Church of the Nazarene— Paragraph 10.1).
  • Models humility, discipline, professionalism, hospitality, patience, and cooperativeness.
  • Comes alongside students, helps them deconstruct our day's secular stories, and lays a compelling biblical and theological foundation through relational discipleship.
  • Generates solutions and proactively engages with new initiatives to build the youth ministry.
  • Pursues reconciliation and assumes the best.
  • Collaborates with other ministries and leaders.
  • Organizes, creates, and serves the youth and the church.
  • Highly empathetic leader, listen more and talk less.
  • Holds students and leaders accountable – encourages, equips, and empowers them.
  • Has a heart for collaborating with our community and our denomination youth leaders.


Student Ministry:

  • Help develop a core intergenerational and intercultural team of youth leaders.
    Meet with student leaders for care, encouragement, discipleship, and accountability.
  • Facilitate a discipleship space alongside youth leaders.
  • Communicate the Word of God in our student ministry
  • Collect stories and testimonies to communicate what God has been up to in our youth ministry internally to staff and the church board, and supply the narrative for external communications with the students’ friends and the larger community.
  • Connect with and support parents by providing resources and clear and consistent communication.
  • Collaborate with other ministries to promote and encourage the youth to engage in corporate worship, serving, mission, etc.
  • Participate in district activities such as summer camp.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Assists Lead Pastor in the Ministry of the Word
  • Ready to serve on Sundays during the English worship gatherings when available.
  • Other administrative items, according to conversations with Lead Pastor.


Trinity Church of the Nazarerene
2804 Fullerton Road
Rowland Heights, California 91748


Felipe Ferreira
[email protected]


Rowland Heights, CA
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Part Time
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Ordained position
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Not Exempt
Next Generation
Church Ministry