Children’s Ministry Director at Trinity Christian Church of Greater Philadelphia (TCCGP)
Havertown, PA 19083

Children’s Ministry Director

The purpose of a TCCGP Children’s Ministry (cM) Director is to glorify God, serve the body of Christ, and build up leaders within the church (Matt. 28:19-20).  The following is a general outline specifically for a cM Director position. The purpose of this position is to lead and manage the cM to nurture the spiritual lives of infants-5th graders.  This position will be directly overseen by the Next Gen. Elder and Pastor. Time commitment for this position is 40 hours per week (some weeks may be more demanding than others).  The ideal candidate is someone who is spiritually mature, has experience in cM, possess strong leadership and interpersonal relationship skills, has administrative and organization skills, loves to teach children, has a heart for the parents, and is able to recruit, inspire, and train teachers. The position will focus on the following:

1. Personal Spiritual Growth

a. Role model in personal devotions and study

b. Has a lifestyle that reflects biblical teaching

c. Agrees to the church doctrinal statements

d. Fellowship with children, parents, and coworkers

e. Takes appropriate opportunities to grow professionally and spiritually

2. Ministry

a. Sunday ministry

i. Work closely with cM Deacon and co-workers

ii. Coordinate and delegate responsibilities for cM activities

iii. Teach children’s message and large group

iv. Oversee the different classes and rotation schedule

v. Help with classroom disciplinary issues

vi. Help and oversee nursery staffing and needs

b. Midweek and/or outreach ministry

i. Explore opportunities to expand ministry, such as through community outreach or midweek programming

ii. Develop and implement new programming

c. Training/mentoring

i. Oversee and lead teacher and parent training

ii. Recruit teachers and coworkers for the ministry

iii. Train and mentor cM assistant

d. Retreats & VBS

i. Work with church leadership to provide children’s program and child care for all retreats or special events

ii. Develop, lead, and oversee summer cM VBS

e. Administration as needed

i. Develop and implement Sunday and weekday curriculum

ii. Provide communication (e.g, regular parent emails,
announcements in other ministry services, flyers for cM activities and events)

iii. Order supplies as needed

f. Be available to parents as needed

g. Collaborate with youth ministry

i. Support youth ministry with 5th to 6th grade transition

ii. Coordinate youth volunteers for cM ministry

3. Director is recommended to attend church council meetings. Director would be considered as a member of TCCGP staff and should attend staff meetings. Director is expected to develop and shepherd a team of co-workers to help lead the cM.




Trinity Christian Church of Greater Philadelphia (TCCGP)
560 Mill Rd
Havertown, Pennsylvania 19083


Ruth Chen
[email protected]


Havertown, PA 19083
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
up to $21.6 per hour
Ordained position
Exempt status
Team Building
Church Ministry