Church Planter/Paster at Trinity Bible Church Edwardsburg
69950 M-62 Edwardsburg MI, 41192

Trinity Bible Church Edwardsburg is a new evangelical church seeking to reach it's community for Christ. We are seeking a Church Planter/Pastor to give senior pastoral leadership to the church in line with biblical commands and with oversight of the board. To help bring a spirit of grace and truth and love to all areas of the church and to be the leader of church ministries and direct Sunday morning teaching and worship.

General responsibilities:

·        To join the elder board and set the vision, direction for the church. Help recruit and disciple men to lead so that we can multiply the ministry and work towards raising up leader to plant additional churches.


·        To be the main representative of the church in the community, setting a mood of love and grace and commitment to Christ.


·        To help the church major on both the Great Command to each other and the Great Commission to the community and to the world.


·        To lead the church staff with wisdom and direction and love, setting the lead example of strong hard work and commitment.


·       To be a voting member of the elder board of oversight - the only one from staff. The pastor will prepare a monthly "pastor's report" for communication in each monthly meeting and to determine what communications to cascade to the larger congregation.

Specific responsibilities

Pulpit: be responsible for the pulpit ministries and public services of the church. Preach or select substitute preachers. (It is expected that the pastor will preach anywhere from 40 to 44 Sundays a year.). It is expected that this will be preaching from the Word of God, expositional/verse by verse teaching.

Staff: provide coaching, teaching, and training to church staff, making appointments and
setting policies for unity and to carry out church goals in line with the biblical and
constitutional policies of the church and the vision steps approved by the board of oversight.
With the Elders, be responsible forthe church to practice the statement of faith as well as
all overall policies.
Develop membership interview process. Set process and recruit qualified men to
interview new members.
Invest 45-50 hours per week towards:
• Preparing weekly Sunday morning teaching direct worship team (order of service)
• Identify and desciple 3-5 men
• Recruit ministry leaders (worship leader(s), small group leaders)
• Conduct weekly check-in with other ministry leaders to keep doctrine aligned with biblical
principles (Sunday School & Small Group curriculum)
be responsible to carry out the biblical mandates for the pastor: leading (Hebrews 13:7, 17);
giving oversight (I Peter 5:1); shepherding {I Peter 5:1-5);
teaching (I Timothy 3);
equipping people for the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13);
and being an example to others in the church and world (I Peter 5:1-5)



Trinity Bible Church Edwardsburg
69950 M-62
Edwardsburg, Michigan 49112


John Marshall
[email protected]


69950 M-62 Edwardsburg MI, 41192
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
$60,000 annual
Ordained position
Exempt status
Church Ministry