Pastor of Next Steps at Tower Hill Church
Red Bank, NJ 07701

Next Steps Pastor (NSP)

Purpose: To mobilize Tower Hill adults to take their next step(s) of faith, no matter where they are on the Christian journey (from seeker to spiritual leader).

Approach: This is accomplished through a team-based approach, driven by the mission and vision of Tower Hill Church. It will also reflect the ongoing need to think in terms of hybrid ministry (digital + physical).

Reports to: Lead Pastor

Performance Standards/Responsibilities:

This position is responsible for the development and implementation of a church-wide strategy for adult discipleship in collaboration with key staff and volunteers. In order to accomplish this mission, the NSP will:

  • Further develop (and in some places, reimagine) the existing Next Steps spiritual formation framework/language of Tower Hill: come, connect, contribute
  • Oversee the baptism ministry, its systems, processes, and volunteers (including our baptism trainer)
  • Collaborate closely with (and oversee) the Dir. of Next Steps, Dir. of Guest Services, and the Connect Team in order to create alignment around the Next Steps pathway
  • Coordinate guest follow-up for both physical and digital church attendance
  • Collaborate with the Dir. of Next Gen. to implement yearly Confirmation program
  • Work in partnership with Tower Hill leadership, staff, and congregation in order to accomplish church-wide ministry goals

While the primary focus of this position is Next Steps ministries, the NSP will also serve according to the larger pastoral needs of the congregation which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Worship leadership: the NSP will regularly participate in worship (lead sacraments as needed) and will contribute as a member of the preaching team
  • Conduct weddings, funerals, and counseling sessions (and general pastoral care) as needed


  • Must be ordained, certified ready to receive a call, or willing to transfer ordination to the Presbyterian Church (USA)
  • Must have a proven track record of strategic and tactical leadership
  • Must have a deep Christian faith and commitment to loving the people
  • Must be an exceptional communicator
  • Must be able to handle a very non-traditional Presbyterian church (known for innovation) and be willing to reimagine customs and methods for the sake of gospel effectiveness

We don't do robes. We take risks. We unabashedly proclaim Jesus.

If interested, send you cover letter/resume/or PIF to the address below




Tower Hill Church
255 Harding Rd.
Red Bank, New Jersey 07701


Jason Tucker


Red Bank, NJ 07701
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
60,000-90,000 effective salary
Ordained position
Exempt status
Personal Interaction
Church Ministry