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Touch of Love International (TOLI) is an international Christ-centered ministry that restores human dignity, enables human flourishing, and transforms families through microloans, small business training, and Christian discipleship.

TOLI partners with churches and nonprofit ministries in under-resourced communities to help them reach, empower and minister to the neediest in their communities. Believing that the lack of material resources is only one aspect of poverty, we engage with organizations who are called to minister holistically, and work toward investing in the creative capacity of every human being, while proclaiming the good news that Jesus Christ is the one true source of abundance and eternal freedom. To this end, microloans are high impact because they represent trust in the God-given value of each individual.

TOLI currently facilitates approximately 2200 microloans through active partnerships with gospel-centered ministries in Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda. We partner with local organizations and the church because we believe the best solutions are homegrown; that lasting, transformative change comes from within the community, not from without. For this reason, TOLI loans revolve and are reinvested locally — when a loan is paid back it is ‘recycled’ to another needy entrepreneur in the same community. Since 2006, approximately 6700 loans have been granted.

TOLI aims to be 'invisible,' offering a tool for local ministries to serve their populations in a new and sustainable way. We nourish local relationships, empower local ministries and work through local Field Staff who mentor loan recipient entrepreneurs and administer the program. Through these partnerships we work together, community by community, to help break the cycle of poverty and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

TOLI’s ministry is grounded in its core values and scriptural guiding principles:

> The Gospel. We are a Christ-centered holistic ministry, addressing the material, spiritual, emotional, and social realities of each client. We work with our partner ministries to provide practical help while proclaiming the good news that Jesus Christ is the one true source of
abundance and freedom. God knows every individual personally, so we therefore have RELATIONSHIP with Him. (Psalms 139, Matthew 10:30, John 10:14-15)

> Dignity. We believe that every person is born with dignity and creative capacity, so we equip women and men with the tools needed to become purposeful providers for their families and communities. God created man and woman in his own image, so we therefore have DIGNITY. (Genesis 1:27; Psalm 8:5)

> Transformation. Although our method is to invest in the dreams of individuals one at a time, our goal is to bring lasting change to entire communities. Giving a hand up to one person begins a powerful ripple effect that can unleash growth, transformation, and restoration within families, neighborhoods, cities and nations. God created every individual intentionally, so we therefore have PURPOSE. (Ephesians 2:10, 1 Corinthians 12:12-31)

> Sustainability. We are committed to be faithful stewards of God’s resources and to strive for long-term solutions. That’s why when a TOLI microloan is paid off, it is then “recycled” to a neighbor, providing a lasting resource built with a community’s own resources. God sent his Son for the forgiveness of sins of every person, so we therefore have eternal VALUE. (John 3:16; 1 John 2:2; 2 Corinthians 5:15).

Please visit TOLI’s website, www.toli.org, to learn more about TOLI and to read stories of transformation.


Touch of Love International was established after Dr. Emad Eddie Yassa, a Cairo native living and working in California, returned to his home country for a family holiday in 2001. Heartbroken by the poverty and hopelessness he saw in Egypt's poor villages, he returned to the US feeling called to do something about it. Something sustainable, something life-giving, something built on God's love for each individual, no matter their circumstances.

Founded in 2004, TOLI first distributed microloans in 2006 in the village of El Kom el Akhdar, through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity Egypt. Since then, more than 700 microloans have been invested in this small village alone, and now this site is fully self-sustaining: as loans are repaid they are reallocated to new beneficiaries who create new businesses in the village. In addition, TOLI has replicated this model in other communities and other countries.

Dr. Yassa continues to serve in a volunteer capacity as the ministry’s overall leader and Chairman of the Board.


The Executive Director works closely with the Founder to continue to grow the impact of TOLI’s ministry through strategic Kingdom partnership. With Christ at the center, the Executive Director is a ministry-minded, humble leader, learner, and listener with exemplary relational skills, high emotional intelligence, and experience and proven expertise in cross-cultural relationships and communication.

Key Responsibilities:
> Oversee and provide leadership for the TOLI program and global partnerships.
> Collaborate with the Board Chair to provide board support and development and lead and support the US staff spiritually and operationally.
> Maintain and strengthen global partnerships.
> Travel internationally to encourage and empower existing partners and learn about the ministry, as well as explore potential new sites multiple times per year.
> Work closely with the Chair and staff to create an overall fundraising strategy, including domestic travel.
> Create and manage the annual budget with the finance committee and treasurer of the Board.

Executive Director Position Details

Salary: $70,000-80,000
Terms: Full-time.
Travel: Estimated 4-6 International Trips per year, approximately 8-10 weeks total travel time yearly, plus 2-3 domestic development/fundraising trips per year.
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado (not remote)

If you are interested in applying for the TOLI Executive Director position, please email a cover letter and resume to Eddie Yassa at [email protected].


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Colorado Spring, CO 80918
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