Children’s Ministry Director at Terraforma Church

Terraforma Church is looking for a gifted and passionate leader to direct our children's ministry. This person will lead our excellent team of caring adults that make our growing children's program work each week. This is a part-time paid position, and we would love to hear from a highly organized, energetic, and hard working person like you.


Our ideal candidate loves Jesus and desires to support families in the important job of faith-formation. We currently use 252-basics and the other Orange curriculum for our children's environments and we would love this candidate to be familiar with that approach. Our church ethos is unique, and so this candidate needs to understand our approach to ministry and be willing to learn the culture and heartbeat of our church.


Terraforma Church was a new church plant that opened just before the pandemic. Because of the timing, we are in some ways re-launching our church. We currently gather around 150 on a weekend for in-person services and have a growing online presence as well (we were close to double that size before the pandemic). We are committed to church growth, multiplying disciples, and to making an impact in our community. Our area of Northern Virginia is full of opportunity. We believe the people of Northern Virginia have the capacity to love, serve, and give in big ways - and we want to invite them into the story of redemption and restoration we are learning from Jesus. Our area is full of young families and our children's program is a vital part of our ministry. Our ministry staff works hard to maintain a healthy culture and a fun, relaxed, and rewarding work environment.


Compensation is flexible depending on experience. Right now this is a part-time position we thinking requires between 15-25 hours per week. Work hours are flexible but will require working most Sundays.


More details:


Desired Outcome:

The ultimate goal is to connect parents and children to the Kingdom of God, supporting the home as the place where biblical values are passed on from one generation to the next. A secondary goal is to provide a Sunday morning experience that is engaging, exciting, and safe for Terraforma’s children. The final goal is recruit, equip, and deploy teams to develop, prepare, and execute the Sunday morning programming from birth through grade 5.


Areas of Oversight:

Oversee all children’s connection, outreach, and spiritual growth efforts
Oversee the health and culture of Children’s Ministry teams
Oversee all initiatives for equipping, inspiring, and connecting parents
Oversee family ministry moments and “rights of passage” (birth announcements, child dedication, 6th grade transition, family care)
Oversee the key processes for ministry effectiveness (registration, security, communication, and setup)


Specific Responsibilities:

Constantly improve our Children’s Ministry to provide a fun, safe, and faith-forming Sunday experience.
Continually recruit, train, inspire, and care for all Children’s Ministry team members.
Design strategies and programs that partner with parents to change the conversation at home toward faith formation, resourcing parents to be the spiritual leaders of the home.
Direct a ministry that is well organized and well equipped so that volunteers take pride in being a part of it.
Adapt and coordinate lesson plans for all Children’s Ministry leaders.
Select and utilize an appropriate curriculum (or develop one when a suitable choice cannot be found) for children’s faith formation.
Oversee the scheduling of all Children’s Ministry leaders and volunteers.
Manage the Children’s Ministry budget overseeing expense lines, receipts, and reimbursements.
Communicate clearly and consistently with parents and the church.
Ensure safety and protection of all children and volunteers:
Enforce safety and preventive policies are followed.
Conduct background checks of all volunteers.
Work in tandem with our Security Team to create and communicate safeguards and procedures.
Coordinate media elements weekly (songs, videos, slides, games) for Children’s Ministry Environments.
Replenish curriculum supplies and resource all leaders appropriately.



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