Youth Program Coordinator at Summit County Youth
Breckenridge Colorado

Youth Program Coordinator - Summit County Youth
Summit County Youth (SCY) Program Coordinator

High School, Middle School, and Elementary Programs

Depending on qualifications and availability, the Program Coordinator role could be a full time position or broken-up as two separate part-time positions. If broken up we'd prefer someone to run just the elementary program while showing up weekly to the Middle school night, while someone else runs the middle school and high school programs.


The Program Coordinator of Summit County Youth (SCY) is expected to build student relationships throughout Summit County and facilitate student/volunteer relationships.

The Program Coordinator will:

Represent SCY’s mission which is for students to Be known, Be loved, and Belong.
Inspire students to “live big and love better,” while encouraging students to live

authentically and embracing who God created them to be.
Have the ability and creativity to effectively communicate God’s Love to students from a

variety of different backgrounds.
Use creative methods to offer programs that combine both fun and spirituality.
Create an environment where God’s love is shared with students by the Program

Coordinator and the Volunteers.
Create a space inclusive to all students regardless of personal belief, background, or


The Program Coordinator will plan, oversee, and execute “SCY El” (Elementary), “SCY Mid” (Middle School), and “SCY Hi” (High School) programs including:


1. Planning and executing weekly SCY program nights or morning breakfasts during the school year in conjunction with the school schedule.

Create sign-in sheets or a system to track / collect student info when the students

arrive weekly at program nights and events.
Tuesdays - Create SCY El curriculum, nightly schedule with games, and a talk.

Create opportunities to meet parents and to connect with the 5th grade group

separate from the larger group.

(special time before or after program night to be with 8th Graders once a month).
SCY HI- Morning breakfast before school once a week for the ladies and once a

week for the guys.

2. Create and share (email, etc) a calendar of monthly programs, including creative and fun social events, and weekly breakfast schedule for “Mid” school and “Hi” school students:

One special event for middle school students is expected monthly (ex: bowling,

dance party, out of the county excursions, sledding etc.)
One event for high school students is expected monthly

breakfast’s with event details

3. Communicate upcoming events with students and parents through email, social media, and flyers/handouts:

Email weekly SCY schedule / agenda at the beginning of each week in a timely

Post event and program night updates on social media platforms

phone calls, etc. or by attending extra-curricular / school activities)

4. Create limited summer programming:

Plan a separate “camp” week away for Middle school students, open to other ideas

for Summer engagement as well.
Plan a separate “camp” week away for High school students

keep students excited and connected

The Program Coordinator will recruit, train, and maintain a volunteer team for Middle / High School Programs, events and breakfast groups.

Foster and maintain a team of volunteers to help with program nights, extra events and to run weekly breakfast meet ups for Middle and High School students.
Gather a team of volunteers, and recruit additional volunteers with the assistance of the Board.
Communicate goals, schedules and SCY’s mission to volunteers.
Develop and implement regular volunteer appreciation events / gestures.
Conduct background checks and maintain appropriate volunteer documentation

The Program Coordinator is allowed a flexible work schedule, but must hold appropriate office hours during the regular work week to plan and manage all facets of SCY El, SCY Mid and SCY Hi. Including, but not limited to:

1. Send out weekly emails to communicate events & programs to parents and students
2  Use social media accounts for middle and high school communication.
3. Maintain public calendar of events and programs on the SCY website.
4. Create and maintain current contact lists: students & volunteers.
5. Manage programs within approved budgets, track expenses monthly, and report expenses to the SCY bookkeeper.

6. Work with Board to create grant applications and reporting. Research grant opportunities, manage due dates, completion of grants, and reporting.

7. Maintain cleanliness of the SCY office, stock office supplies when needed, and maintain cleanliness of multi-use building space as used.

8. Maintain cleanliness of SCY Van and stay on top of van maintenance.
9. Meet monthly with SCY board to provide updates and to receive encouragement and help as needed. The program coordinator reports directly to the SCY Board.


The Program Coordinator will:
1. Establish and maintain strong relationships with the Breckenridge Christian Ministries.  Community as well as other organizations throughout Summit County to maximize SCY outreach opportunities.
Consistent participation in the Breckenridge Christian Ministries community as well as informing the BCM community of previous and upcoming SCY events.
Explore and incorporate opportunities for participating jointly with other local youth programs.

Minimum 2 years experience working with youth
Must have a deep love for God and love for students
Creative, self-motived individual
Incredibly organized and detail oriented
Ability to communicate creatively and professionally through email and social media
Please submit resume and cover letter.


Summit County Youth
103 Sawmill Road
Breckenridge, Colorado 80424


Kelly Steinweg

[email protected]



Breckenridge Colorado
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
15,000-50,000 annual salary
Ordained position
Exempt status
Administrative and Support Services