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The mission of Stein Psychological Associates, Inc. is to provide the highest quality testing and assessment services to school aged children through adulthood.   All clients have the opportunity for a phone consultation prior to starting at no charge.   After that initial contact, potential clients are offered a wide range of developmental, psychological, and psycho-educational testing options.  The evaluations are tailor made to the referral questions.  In some cases, the staff will conduct some of the testing at a school site or agency to minimize the geographical barriers.  Families have the option of having the testing done by Dr. Stein or his qualified psychological assistants.  Therefore, families are provided with many financial options.  The testing often includes the school or third party as collaborative partners.  Furthermore, we pride ourselves in taking care of clients even after the testing process concludes.  Consequently, our staff will attend follow-up meetings at the private schools to help explain the test results, as well as, advocate for the necessary special education services in the public school system and facilitate necessary accommodations for future standardized testing. In addition, Dr. Stein has assembled a consortium of professionals in psychiatry, audiology, educational therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and optometry in order to help link clients to the appropriate medical and educational resources that are available in their surrounding community.


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Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
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