Stars High School Program Manager at Stars - Illuminate. Educate. Advocate
Pasadena, CA

Manages the after school program for Grades 9th - 12th

QUALIFICATIONS:  The ideal candidate possesses:

a) experience with mentoring

b) experience with high school students

c) experience with classroom management

d) a commitment to Stars’ mission, vision, and values

e) excellent interpersonal and communication skills

f)  a high level of integrity, self-motivation, and desire for excellence

g) a Bachelor’s degree preferred

h) proficiency in Google products





I. The Program Manager is responsible for establishing and nurturing a culture in which students, families, and volunteers:


a) feel affirmed, equipped and emboldened to pursue a life of purpose, service and meaning.

b) feel safe, cared for, supported, and appreciated

c) have opportunities to build relationships, deepen faith, and learn from one another

d) live life confidently in identity, purpose, and place in the world

e) practice a lifestyle of generosity with time, talents, and resources

f)  analyze environment and face adversity with resilience

g) understand the Afterschool program goals, expectations, and requirements

h) feel equipped and prepared for their role at Stars

i)   engage in quality, enriching, age-appropriate activities and experiences

j)       establish SMART goals and healthy expectations


II. The Program Manager is responsible for managing all aspects of the high school after school program:


a) oversee the application, interview, and selection process

b) ensure high quality implementation of all program components

c) engage in logic model revisions in a collaborative fashion

d) design and enforce an evidence-based behavior guidance system

e) provide an optional time and space for spiritual formation

f)  responsible for ensuring volunteers are prepared and supported while they serve and
regularly communicating all information pertinent to their success as tutors. This
includes student information that may affect their progress

g) develop an efficient system to update student records and track academic progress

h) ensure each student has an individualized plan for HS, college, and beyond

i)          ensure student assessments are done regularly

j)   stay current on best practices for adolescence youth development

k) stay current on grade-specific performance indicators for grades 9th – 12th.

l)   perform other related duties as necessary

III. The Program Manager will facilitate the collaborative needs of the SKILLZ Summer School as outlined within the SKILLZ MOU while also building relationships with students in order to connect them to learning and identify potential candidates for Stars MS & HS Afterschool programs.

Participate with Planning and Curriculum Team (Feb - July)

Engage students in order to identify potential candidates for our Middle and High School programs, Road Trips and outings.
Oversee campus use, including supervising use on a daily basis
Assist coordinating student signing-in/signing-out and break schedules
Coordinate and supervise life skills sessions in conjunction with Day One and STEMulate Learning
Provide an onsite emergency plan
Provide campus security
Provide one  or more Thursday lunch for 130 students, volunteers and instructors
Provide one or more Friday activities (field trip and or lunches for students)
Participate in daily debriefings
Participate in monthly follow up sessions during the school year
Be prepared to facilitate mandated reporting situations.
Monitor how SKILLZ students are interacting with the campus, especially when it comes to staying in designated areas during lunch and breaks, trash and property damage
Coordinate with the Stars Volunteer Coordinator for the recruitment of volunteers who can assist with SKILLZ


IV.   The Program Manager  will collaborate with:


a) Director for planning, evaluation, and mentoring

b) The Afterschool program’s families for relationship building and partnership

c) Stars’ staff, volunteers, ministry leaders, and community partners for support

d) Pasadena Unified School District and Collaborate Pasadena

e) Day One and other partners for SKILLZ

f)  Committee members and event organizers for support

g) Speakers and trainers at workshops and conferences for support


Stars - Illuminate. Educate. Advocate
500 E Villa St
Pasadena, California 91101


Karyn Farrar-Perkins


Pasadena, CA
Job type
Part Time
23-25/week during school year. 32/week in Summer
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Not Exempt
Compiling Statistics
Overseeing Operation
Working with Adolescents
Educational Services