Pastor at St. Peter's First Community Church
Huntington, IN

Pastor of St Peter’s First Community Church (SPFCC)

So Christ himself gave the… pastors and teachers to equip his people for service (Eph 4:11-12)

Preaching & Teaching
Sermons will be grounded in scripture and engaging the congregation to grow in their personal walks with Christ as well as the congregation’s corporate walk with Christ. The pastor will work with the Teaching Team to develop a pool of lay preachers and opportunities for teaching outside of worship services. The pastor is responsible for finding substitutes during absences.

Executive and Organizational Development
The pastor will inform and assist the SPFCC council and ministry team leaders in helping develop a shared vision for the congregation, designing structures and policies that translate that vision into a lived reality, and fundraising for capital projects, unified budget, and special projects through donations, grants, and other revenue sources. The pastor is an ex-officio member of all organizations within the church with the right of voice, but no vote (SPFCC Constitution, Article 7.5). The pastor will provide direct supervision of additional staff and also oversee the hiring and firing of staff subject to council approval.

Pastoral Counseling & Discernment
The pastor will provide pastoral counseling and discernment with individuals, couples, and families as qualification and time allows. More intensive situations beyond the pastor’s qualification or comfort-level may be referred to licensed counselors in the community or trained spiritual directors.

Training and Equipping
The pastor will help identify spiritual gifts and talents of congregation members to be utilized within the ministries of SPFCC. The pastor will also lead and coordinate additional trainings for lay members to grow and help connect members with opportunities for growth and service.

The pastor will work with the Fellowship Team to provide regular connection with newcomers, shut-ins, and congregation members in the hospital. The pastor will also visit with congregational families and foster interpersonal relationships within the congregation.

The pastor may represent SPFCC in the community through various boards and service clubs as long as those commitments do not contradict or hinder the pastor’s primary commitment to SPFCC. The pastor may also officiate weddings and funerals for non-members regardless of the lack of connection to SPFCC. The pastor will work with Ministry Team leaders to develop opportunities for community outreach through service and evangelistic work.

Personal Growth
The pastor will be encouraged to pursue ongoing personal growth and edification in his or her relationship with Christ through personal study, formal and informal education or training, retreats, etc.

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St. Peter's First Community Church
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Megan Engle


Huntington, IN
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