Youth Minister at St. Paul Evangelical Community Church
15414 Lemon Dr.


Candidate is required to have, or is currently going through, a higher education, majoring in Biblical Studies/ Ministries.
1 - 2 years of previous ministry experience in a leadership position.
Must have prior teaching experience.
Desire/interest in working with a small ethnic church


The Youth Minister’s primary responsibility will be to minister to the church’s youth group. Age group ranges from High School to College. Week to week responsibilities will be the following:

Preparing and giving sermon on Sundays
Bi-weekly Bible Studies on Saturday evenings
Leading Youth Leadership

The Youth Minister is also expected to come to every church events/programs that the youth is involved in with the addition to any other forms of ministry that may seem necessary for the growth of the youth group and the church. The Youth Minister will be expected to contribute, 20 paid hours per week to the ministry, and will become a non-voting member of the SPECC Administrative Board.

Below are some expectations that we have for the Youth Minister to uphold within their ministry to the church:


Communication: Our ideal Youth Minister is expected to maintain communication between the youth group and the Board. In this, the Youth Minister is expected to be adept and able to regularly communicate with both youth members and adults/ parents. Being able to check up and connect with the youth members, both during and outside of Sundays, is essential in allowing the Youth Minister to teach, mentor, and develop each youth member to grow deeper in Christ.

Leadership: Our ideal Youth Minister upholds the values and ideals of a servant leader. In this, we expect the Youth Minister to focus on serving and developing the youth members both during as well as outside Sundays. Furthermore, we expect the Youth Minister to take charge and collaborate with the youth leaders to ensure that the youth members are holistically growing. In this, being able to give and receive regular feedback is key.

Active Ministry: Our ideal Youth Minister is someone who focuses on holistic and active ministry. In this, we expect the Youth Minister to be willing and able to connect with youth members during and after church in order to ensure greater growth in Christ. Through these proactive and consistent check-ins, it will provide a greater opportunity for the Youth Minister to serve, develop, and care for each youth member.


St. Paul Evangelical Community Church
15414 Lemon Dr.
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15414 Lemon Dr.
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