Lead/Single Rural Pastor at St. John Church
Idalia, CO 80735

Position flexible start date March 1, 2025 - or later applicant preferred date. Competitive Salary Package and Parsonage included.
St. John Church in Idalia, Colorado. (NACCC affiliation)
Full Time Lead Rural Pastor. Replacing Retiring Pastor of 7 years.
Conduct Sunday services, Midweek Committees, Monthly youth meetings, Youth Confirmation, Nursing home visitation, Congregation home visits, Community greetings and events.

At the risk of sounding like the old seminary joke: “Congregations are looking for a Pastor who is 25 years old and has 30 years of experience;” the congregation of St. John is looking for a pastor who is equal parts resident theologian, village priest, community member, colleague, motivator, and friend. We prefer our pastor to be a person of faith who consistently lives that faith in their public life.
We are looking for a Pastor who has energy and takes initiative, appreciates diversity, is an effective team member, is emotionally secure, and likes people of all ages. A familiarity with social media uses and electronic media in worship is also expected. We look forward to working with a Pastor who will help us create at St. John an environment, for all people, of welcome, safety, guidance, and exploration of the Christian faith on both personal and community levels.
We have a pastor leadership model that is based on collegiality, cooperation, and mutual responsibility. For the most part we have a committee model of decision making, although we have an effective, inclusive model for voting when consensus fails. The Pastor is a contributing member of all church boards and committees, including financial, and is expected to attend scheduled meetings. We expect the Pastor to bring energy, commitment, ideas, and a vision of what our church can be to this collective leadership model – just as everyone else does.
The community of Idalia is a farming/ranching community that has approximately 400 people spread over 400 square miles. Our Pastor is indeed a ”village priest,” and will be encouraged to spiritually serve individuals and families who don’t come to St. John regularly. Regular attendance and participation at community and school events is also highly encouraged. The Idalia K-12 School is held in high regard within the church community, whereas families and church often schedule plans in consideration of school activity. The school is proud of a strong teacher to student ratio, with excellence applauded throughout academics, extracurriculars, and sports.
As a church, and the community at large, our people are: independent minded, economically and technologically progressive, and politically conservative (with exceptions!). Our congregation is excited about the future and actively seeks to grow the faith of our families, youth, and children. We very much appreciate worship that is God/Christ centered, Bible based, and a blend of traditional and contemporary “styles.”
We seek to call a Pastor eager to contribute to our church life and prepared to make a minimum 2 – 5 year commitment to our work together. We want to emphasize that this Profile’s salary package is negotiable upward based on a candidate’s experience and gifts for ministry!

For more information or to apply, use the NACCC job portal or email search committee chair Brian Lengel - [email protected]


St. John Church
28591 County Rd 7
Idalia, Colorado 80735


Brian J Lengel
[email protected]



Idalia, CO 80735
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
$60,000 - $76,000
Ordained position
Exempt status
Church Ministry