Director of Worship Arts at Springhill Presbyterian Church
Bozeman, MT 59718

Facilities are cleaned on a regular basis and hand sanitizer is available throughout the facilities. Face masks are optional.

Position Title: Director of Worship Arts

Reports to: Lead Pastor

Classification: Full-Time exempt (40 hours per week)

Benefits: As indicated in the Staff Handbook

Purpose: The primary purpose of this position is to lead God’s people in corporate worship by creating a space that invites the church to both hear from and respond to God’s Word in praise and worship. This role will oversee all participants within Springhill Worship Arts Ministries including musicians, set design, AV/Tech, and liturgy at both Legacy and Bozeman Sites. The Director of Worship Arts will be responsible for the alignment of this multisite ministry with the overall mission, vision, values, and strategies of the church.


A. Worship Preparation and Practice

1. Prayerfully prepare and lead church worship services, along with the pastoral staff, worship teams, and technical arts teams. Serve as the primary worship leader while delegating leadership at other sites.

• Meet with the Lead Pastor on a weekly basis to coordinate the elements and schedule of the worship service (including seasonal elements such as Christmas, Holy Week, etc.).

• Lead the Worship Planning Team.

• With the Worship Planning Team, select appropriate music, liturgy, and additional elements of worship in alignment with scriptures and sermon.

• Coordinate service logistics including recruitment and direction of participants.

• Utilize planning software in order to prepare the worship order for the ministry team (band, tech team, participating pastors, and ushers via Planning Center).

2. Oversee and equip volunteers and staff in the worship arts ministry, including those with vocal, instrumental, audio/visual, and technical skills.

• Encourage lay leaders of instrumental and worship teams to lead in a way that is appropriate for the values and strategy of the church.

• Rehearse with appropriate musicians for worship services.

• Equip and train the leaders and members of instrumental and vocal teams.

• Spiritually invest in the volunteer members of the worship ministry by sharing Biblical teaching, engaging in discipleship, and prayer with the ministry team.

3. Assist with funerals, weddings, and other special services as necessary.

4. Create and direct strategic worship opportunities - outside the weekend services - such as concerts, retreats, events, etc., as deemed appropriate.

B. Worship Resourcing

1. Create, plan, and/or facilitate additional opportunities in various arts, such as drama, visual art, etc. for all age groups.

2. Serve as a general resource to provide worship music for other groups within the church and community, such as Children’s Ministry, small groups, retreats, Bible study groups, community choirs, etc.

C. Staff and Volunteer Development

1. Recruit and provide strategic leadership for volunteers in the various worship teams, overseeing all project development and assignments for the team (including technical arts in coordination with the Technical Arts Director).

D. Prayer Ministry

1. Lead the congregation in prayer during services as a major spiritual discipline and value of the church.

E. Other duties

1. To nurture his/her own relationship with God.

2. To work in a team environment with cooperative and healthy relationships, respecting other members’ giftedness and unique abilities.

3. To assist with the communication of the overall vision and goals of the church.

4. Oversee Worship Arts staff and volunteers.

5. To continue personal development through available training opportunities.

6. Regular communication to Session and the congregation.

7. Other duties as assigned.

Profile. The person who is best suited for this position will exhibit the following:

1. Adherence to the evangelical and reformed faith.

2. A degree in music, worship arts, or a related field is preferred.

3. Knowledge of church music history and music software.

4. Three years of experience working in a worship or musical field is preferable.

5. Loves to learn.

6. Self-starter who can set and achieve goals.

7. Empathetic, intuitive sense of worship and people.

8. Skills in multi-tasking and task orientation.

9. Good team-building skills, relational ability and musical coaching.

10. Dynamic worship leadership style.


Springhill Presbyterian Church
4769 West Babcock Street
Bozeman, Montana 59718


Becca Syme



Bozeman, MT 59718
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Full Time
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Salary commensurate with experience.
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