Pastor at South Park Christian Chapel
Fairplay, Colorado 80440, 385 9th Street

South Park Christian Chapel is looking for a Pastor to unashamedly preach the gospel of Jesus
Christ, courageously addressing controversial and difficult issues with biblical truth and grace.
The ideal candidate will be a part-time or full-time pastor experienced in preaching, teaching,
discipling, leading, mentoring, and pastoral care. Duties include but are not limited to:
• Being prepared to teach 49 Sundays annually as the primary voice for gospel centered
expository preaching (two Sundays off for vacation and one for personal enrichment
each year).
• Discipling existing and new members of the body.
• Providing pastoral care to Elders, Sunday school teachers and other church leaders.
• Effectively leading and empowering others toward spiritual goals.
• Exercising continued self- education about Biblical and theological issues.
• Actively supporting home and global missions.
• Representing South Park Christian Chapel in the larger community and other churches in
order to reach the lost and promote unity.
• Developing and equipping leaders in the church and community.
• Leading the church by example.

• Meet the biblical requirements for Elders as found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 2.
• Be in full agreement with South Park Christian Chapel’s Vision, Mission Statement, What
We Believe, What We Practice, Core Values and Bylaws.
• Be currently enrolled in or hold a degree from a Christian college or seminary.
• Demonstrate a clear ability and giftedness in preaching, with a particular talent in
expository preaching.
• Possess strong relationship skills.
• Practice servant leadership.
• Possess excellent time management skills and be a self-starter.
• Be a man of compassion, integrity, humility, wisdom, and prayer.
• Be approachable by all in the church and community.
• Live in the Fairplay area part- or full-time (Housing can be provided if needed).
• Be willing to perform pastoral duties and functions with no paid staff.
• Be willing to delegate many different tasks and responsibilities to volunteers.
• Have ministry experience and provide references.

South Park Christian Chapel, 385 9th Street, PO Box 1389, Fairplay, CO 80440, [email protected]

• Lead the church in a growing ministry of prayer.
• Serve on the church Elder Board, but is also under the oversight and authority of the
Elder Board and the congregation in accordance with the church Bylaws.
• Shepard God’s flock; serve as an overseer with the other Elders of the church including
comforting, visitation, counseling, funerals, and weddings as needed.

• Provide leadership as an Elder member of the Elder Board of the church. Be an ex-
officio member (without voting rights) of boards (except Elder), committees auxiliary

bodies and all other organizations of the church. The pastor will not hold an elected or
appointed office of the church except as an Elder.
• Lead the church in regard to vision, direction, and outreach in the community.
• Pray and collaborate with the leaders to identify, articulate, and execute the church’s
Vision, Mission, Values and Discipleship strategy.
• Oversee, implement, and participate in the Sunday morning ministry of the church
including preaching, music, technology, atmosphere, communion, baptisms, etc. with
the Elders and other ministry volunteers.
• Tasked (as able) with the creative direction of the church ministries, facilities, online
presence, etc. as discussed with the Elder Board.
• Participate annually in a cooperative, ministry review with the Board of Elders. The
review will include assessing ministry growth, areas of need, fulfillment of the pastor’s
ministry responsibilities, and the effectiveness of the Elder Board leadership. The first
cooperative review shall be conducted after the first six months, after the pastor enters
in service.


South Park Christian Chapel
385 9th
Fairplay, Colorado 80440


Charles Schultz
719 839 1586
[email protected]


Fairplay, Colorado 80440, 385 9th Street
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
$50,000.00 plus 3 bedroom home in Fairplay, CO
Ordained position
Exempt status
Overseeing Operation
Church Ministry