Executive Pastor of Family Ministry at Sonrise Church
Hillsboro, OR

Executive Pastor of Family Ministry -  Sonrise Church

The Executive Pastor of Family Ministry will join the Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor of Arts and Discipleship on the Executive Team. Will directly report to the Lead Pastor. The Executive Team will function strategically in a highly collaborative fashion and will relationally provide significant spiritual accountability to each other. The Executive Team bears the weight of responsibility for carrying out the vision of Sonrise Church.

Key Areas of Responsibility:
The Executive Pastor of Family Ministry will oversee the ministry that Sonrise Church gives from birth to young adulthood. Manage the Youth Pastor and the Children's Director. Formulate a strategy that will minister to our young adults. Develop and oversee an internship program.

Key Deliverables in the First Year:
Establish a training plan for the Youth Pastor in order to help him increase the weekly involvement of our junior high and high school students to 10-15% of our average weekly attendance on Sunday mornings. Establish a training plan for our Children's Director in order to help her increase her effectiveness in ministering to the children of Sonrise. Create a well-researched blueprint for a young adult ministry strategy and internship program. Master the strategic planning tools that the Lead Pastor utilizes.

The Executive Pastor of Family Ministry will show exceptional abilities in the following "core competencies":

Activator: An activator is an action-oriented individual who transforms strategic plans, innovative ideas, and decisions into action.
- Demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the ministry’s strategic plan, idea, or decision
- Translates the plan, idea, or decision into actionable next steps
- Delegates and implements next steps
- Dives into the task, acting on current knowledge and resources rather than waiting for ideal circumstances
- Learns through reflection on previous actions
- Creates motion and momentum in others, inspiring them to action

Catalytic Leader: A catalytic leader models servant leadership, empowers and positions others for growth and wins and actively builds a culture of Leadership Development.
- Identifies, initiates and effects meaningful change
- Casts compelling vision, both personally and collectively
- Sets the team up for success by leveraging the talents of team members with a keen understanding of their strengths and limitations
- Leads other staff and volunteers to excellent performance
- Identifies, develops and empowers leaders and fosters a culture of Leadership Development
- Generates and accelerates organizational momentum
- Models servant leadership

Equipper: An equipper actively pursues the development of others through the provision of resources, next-step opportunities, and feedback.
- Demonstrates a passion for and commitment to developing others
- Uses appropriate methods and a flexible interpersonal style to help others develop their capabilities
- Provides effective coaching, training and next-step opportunities for individual and team growth
- Offers information, advice, suggestions and specific actionable feedback to help others become more successful
- Expresses confidence in others’ ability to be successful, recognizes and reinforces growth in others, and celebrates their wins
- Advocates for and actively builds a developmental culture

Performance Manager: A performance manager monitors performance, evaluates performance against goals and makes necessary adjustments to achieve goals.
- Breaks complex projects into their component parts and sets individual timelines for each component part
- Accurately judges the amount of time and resources needed to accomplish a task
- Delegates the appropriate components, responsibility, accountability and decision-making authority to team members
- Makes sure that roles, responsibilities and reporting lines are clear to each staff member
- Sets clear, well-defined desired outcomes for work activity and tracks progress
- Pays attention to the quality and quantity of performance, measuring progress against milestones and deadlines
- Establishes means of measuring performance and objectives
- Adjusts work activity and desired outcomes based as necessary
- Appraises performance fairly and provides performance feedback to staff on a regular basis
- Addresses performance problems promptly
- Supports the development and career aspirations of staff

Strategic Thinker: A strategic thinker is proactive, understands and clearly defines the “end goal” of an organization/ministry, and establishes short and long-term strategies that will actualize that end goal.
- Demonstrates big-picture thinking and can clearly articulate the vision and mission of an organization/ministry
- Establishes priorities, strategies, and goals in line with the vision and mission of the organization/ministry
- Clearly and accurately identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in his/her organization/ministry
- Works with the end result in mind, drives for excellence, and continually evaluates progress

The Executive Pastor will receive vacation, medical coverage, a sabbatical, a housing allowance, and a competitive starting salary. The details of these items will be discussed more fully in the interview process. Sonrise will also pay for moving expenses.

Living in Hillsboro, Oregon:
Hillsboro is a community-driven city that focuses on diverse housing options, family-friendly community events, small-business support, community gardens, and cultural arts. Hillsboro is home to Oregon’s largest employer, Intel, as well as other high technology leaders. A blend of nature and technology, Hillsboro houses more than 30 parks encompassing 1,600 acres of land across the city, including miles of paths, and an amazing wetlands preserve. Hillsboro is a central hub to many exciting outlets: 30-minutes from the heart of Portland’s quirky businesses and delicious eateries, an hour from Oregon’s beautiful coast, 20-minutes from a locally loved Henry Hagg Lake, less than 30-minutes away from Adidas, Columbia, REI, and Nike’s World Headquarters. Downtown Hillsboro itself is bustling with local businesses and hosts three seasonal farmer’s markets. Hillsboro can truly be a home to any individual or family!


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Hillsboro, OR
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