Children’s Ministry Director at Silverlake Community Church
Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California, 90027

Silverlake Community Church (SLCC) is a small congregation with some huge strengths.  Ministry in the eclectic, artistic, diverse neighborhood of Silver Lake is exciting but challenging, but we excel at being integrated into the community.  From being a center of 12-step recovery in Northeast LA to leading the charge in serving the unhoused in our area, we are a force for good, and people know it.  The congregation is strong, too, and diverse in every way.  We adapted to COVID and have come out stronger as a result.  We enforce masks indoors, provide ample PPE, and encourage people to be vaccinated.  At SLCC we always share a big meal together after church each Sunday–outdoors of course, so it is as safe as possible.  We're looking for someone to help grow the size, but more importantly the depth and quality of our ministry to Silver Lake's youngest believers.

POSITION: Children’s Ministry Director

Hours per week:  10

Compensation: $20/hour

ROLE:   To guide planning and execution of a program of Bible learning and

childcare for kids ages 0-10

TERM:    One year, beginning on date of hire

SUPERVISOR:    Pastor / Head of Staff


  • Pray regularly for each member of the Children’s Ministry team and each child in the ministry.
  • Help the supervisor recruit and train volunteers for all Children’s Ministry positions.
    Plan and coordinate a regular training program for all Children’s Ministry staff.
  • Give practical tips for solving problems.
  • Coordinate regular planning meetings for team members that include volunteer training and opportunities for spiritual growth.
  • Oversee the purchase, distribution, and use of all equipment and supplies (curriculum, snacks, art supplies, etc.).
  • Communicate the church’s approved safety policy to all Children’s Ministry staff, regularly evaluate its use and take necessary steps to put the policy into practice.
  • Work with supervisor to express appreciation to the Children’s Ministry team, including an end-of-the-year event.
  • Communicate with church leaders and the congregation regarding the purpose, value, and procedures of Children’s Ministry.


Silverlake Community Church
2930 Hyperion Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90027


Kyle Joachim


Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California, 90027
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Part Time
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