Senior Pastor at Sherwood Bible Church
Kansas City, MO

Job Description:

Sherwood Bible Church (SBC) has an amazing, 100-year history of God’s faithfulness at work in a local congregation, and we are prayerfully seeking to find a senior pastor who will lead us into a turnaround phase, anticipating what the Lord has for us.  The senior pastor will provide leadership in the overall life and ministry of the church with a focus on preaching, teaching, shepherding, nurturing, administration, and evangelism.

We are seeking a man who is grounded in Biblical truths, and a visionary regarding church growth and the bringing of new believers to Christ.  It is the hope of our congregation that our next senior pastor will be a man who recognizes the opportunity that our church and its unique buildings/location afford - and that he will help grow, shape, and mold our church and its culture through the casting of vision and dynamic teaching. This position presents the opportunity for a creative and driven leader to have a tremendous impact on a church that desires to see itself continue to comprehend and communicate God's Word for changed lives!

Primary Purpose of this Position:

•           Our senior pastor will be the chief spiritual leader of our church.

•           He will help shape and champion the vision for the church, develop the leaders, and preach regularly.

•           He will ensure that the church is living out its purpose by monitoring its growth and by working alongside the elders to make changes as needed.

•           He will exemplify and foster an environment of building strong relationships within this body of believers.


Position Responsibilities:

•           Our senior pastor must agree with SBC’s Constitution/Doctrinal Statement and understand what his role as senior pastor will be (Article 4, Section 4 of our Constitution).

•           He will plan and conduct church services - developing sermons, delivering the messages, and coordinating with music leadership.

•           He will teach primarily in an expository manner, using scripture to explain scripture, and clearly help people to apply these truths in their everyday lives.

•          He will lead and demonstrate effective ways to witness and win the lost to salvation through Jesus Christ.


Biblical Qualifications:

Based on the passages in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, the pastor we are seeking will meet the following biblical qualifications:

1) Above Reproach (A Man with a Good Reputation)

2) Husband of One Wife (Maintaining Moral Purity)

3) Temperate (Exemplifying Balance in Words and Actions)

4) Prudent (Being Wise and Humble)

5) Respectable (Serving as a Good Role Model)

6) Hospitable (Demonstrating Unselfishness and Generosity)

7) Able to Teach (Communicating Sensitively)

8) Not Given to Wine (Not being Addicted to Substances)

9) Not Self-Willed (Not being a Self-Centered Person)

10) Not Quick Tempered (Void of Anger that Becomes Sinful)

11) Not Pugnacious (Not an Abusive Person)

12) Not Contentious (Not argumentative and Not divisive)

13) Gentle (A Sensitive, Loving and Kind Person)

14) Free from the Love of Money (Not materialistic)

15) One Who Manages His Own Household Well (A Good Husband and Father)

16) A Good Reputation with Those Outside the Church (A Testimony to Unbelievers)

17) Love What is Good (Pursuing Godly Activities)

18) Just (Wise, Discerning, Not Prejudiced)

19) Devout (Holy and Righteous)

20) Not a New Convert (Not a New Christian)

*This list was compiled from The Measure of a Man by Gene Getz.


Educational Qualifications:

•           Our pastor will be an ordained minister – although ordination could be done through SBC if appropriate.

•            He will have formal education and training and experience at a level that will help the congregation to increase in their knowledge and understanding of the scriptures, and to grow in their daily Christian walk.


What we are looking for in a pastor:

•           Our pastor must have a firm commitment to the authority and infallibility of the word of God, both the Old and New Testaments.

•           He must possess a passion and giftedness in the ability to creatively and clearly communicate biblical truth - teaching, exhorting, encouraging, and comforting the congregation from the pulpit.

•           He must be devoted to serving his flock, demonstrating a vital walk with Jesus Christ evidenced by Christ-like humility, love, faithfulness, and an appreciation for God’s glorious grace.

•           We would like him to spend time developing relationships within the members of the congregation, visiting them as needed, encouraging, and participating with his family, in opportunities for fellowship.

•           He should be missions minded in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to the neighborhood, city, and world around us - not only by being a strong supporter of our missionaries, but also in equipping church members to share their faith wherever God has placed them.

•           He, along with the elder board, should be able to strategize and plan for how we will multiply as well as how to disciple and assimilate into our community of faith those who come to know and love Christ.

•           He shall pursue Christ-advancing change as needed; being willing to think outside the box, push the envelope and skillfully lead the church through it.

•           He should continue in developing his professional growth and skills, working with the elder board to incorporate these into his schedule.

•           He should honor where we have been and appreciate where we are, while looking forward to where we are going.

•           It is important that the pastor’s family be supportive of God’s calling.

•           Finally, while not specifically a scriptural qualification, we believe it is important for our pastor to truly enjoy fellowship and have a great sense of humor.


Psalm 78:72

So he shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, (character), and guided them with his skillful hands. (competence)


Sherwood Bible Church
4900 N Norton Ave
Kansas city, Missouri 64119


Pastor Search Committee


Kansas City, MO
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