Catholic Religious Education Coordinator at Sanford Federal Inc,
Vandenberg Space Force Base, CA




Job title: Catholic Religious Coordinator

Location: Vandenberg Space Force Base Chapel, CA

Shift: Mon-Thu 15 hours/week

Job Type: Part-time.




a.       Vandenberg Space Force Base (VSFB) is a Continental United States (CONUS) military community with a split population of Active Duty, Reserve, Civil Service employees, retirees, and dependents.  The VAFB program has the responsibility of meeting the needs of this diverse community in support of Vandenberg’s continuous global space mission.

b.      The VSFB Chapel is composed of Chaplains, Religious Affairs Airmen, Appropriated and Non-appropriated Fund Contractors, and lay volunteers.  The programming developed by this staff is implemented in a pluralistic environment and is subject to the standards established by the U.S. Air Force.




General Tasks to be Performed:

a.       Submit APF Fund Request for Confirmation and Rites of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) activities.

b.      Attend all parish meetings.

c.       Attend weekly staff meetings.

d.      Arrange transportation as needed for RE events, either Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) carpool or request Government Owned Vehicle (GOV) support.

e.       Maintain a continuity file for the RE program.

f.        Maintain a record of RE class attendance of each Sunday.

g.      Conduct ongoing registration, maintain a database roster of students, teachers, and staff that is updated on a quarterly basis.

h.      Prepare parents/students correspondence and weekly bulletin inserts.

i.        Maintain adequate supplies of consumable materials at government expense.


Yearly Tasks:

a.       Organize RE activities such as RCIA and Confirmation Retreats and help with setting up volunteer registration day.

b.      Attend yearly conferences that will aid in the improvement of job performance (optional).

c.       Organize a Confirmation program.

d.      Coordinate a three-day retreat for Confirmation Catechumen/Candidates at government expense.

e.       Organize activities for Confirmation Catechumen/Candidates during preparation for confirmation such as parent meetings and lock-ins.


As Coordinator of Rites of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) Program


a.       Coordinate and train volunteers to teach the program.

b.      Order materials at government expense.

c.       Organize RCIA retreat.

d.      Prepare Catechumen/Candidates for Easter Vigil Mass and reception.

e.       Prepare sacramental certificates for the Archdiocese.


As Coordinator of Children's Liturgy



a.       Prepare children's liturgy room, ensuring facility is clean and materials are in place for the activity.

b.      Prepare/create lesson, Gospel sheet, children’s song(s), and activity for each week.



a.       Organize an RE library for students and parishioners.

b.      Organize activities for the RE community such as “Operation Rice Bowl.”

c.       Assist with chapel decorations for Christmas and Easter as needed.

d.      Work in conjunction with the Protestant Religious Education Coordinator to plan, prepare and coordinate ecumenical RE events such as Vacation Bible School (VBS).


As Coordinator of Reconciliation
a.       Plan and prepare parent meetings (2-3 per year).

b.      Plan and prepare teacher meetings (2-3 per year).

c.       Write, copy, and distribute various communication updates throughout the year (i.e. phone calls before all events to all participating families).

d.      Plan, organize, and execute a Reconciliation retreat.  Location, food, activities, materials, booklets, etc.

e.       Plan and conduct presentation of Reconciliation students.

f.        Ensure children are fully prepared to receive the sacrament by the completion of religious education class/formation and verify with the Catholic priest for concurrence.

g.      Create a Reconciliation bulletin to be used for the service.  Create, copy, and distribute.

h.      Plan, program, and execute a 1st Reconciliation service.  Location, time, service, guest priests (at least two others beside Parish priest).

i.        Order and distribute Reconciliation certificates and gifts.

j.        Create bulletin for communal penance services.  Create, copy, and distribute.


As Coordinator of 1st Communion


a.       Plan and prepare parent meetings (2-3 per year).

b.      Plan and prepare teacher meetings (2-3 per year).

c.       Write, copy, and distribute various communication updates throughout the year (e.g., phone calls before all events to all participating families).

d.      Plan, organize, and execute a 1st Communion retreat.  Location, food, activities, materials, booklets, etc.

e.       Plan and conduct 1st Communion presentation to parish and prayer partners.

f.        Plan and conduct three rehearsals for 1st Communion Mass.

g.      Organize, order, and distribute parish gifts for 1st Communicants.

h.      Plan and coordinate a 1st Communion Mass.

i.        Create 1st Communion Mass bulletin.  Create, copy, and distribute.

j.        Plan and prepare a 1st Communion reception.  Location, time, food, drinks, gifts, decoration, etc.

k.      Prepare and send Communion Forms for each child to the Archdiocese and to each child’s location of Sacramental records.



As Religious Education Coordinator (Pre-school - 7th grade)


a.       Correspondence with religious education teachers; write, copy, distribute.

b.      Correspondence with religious education students; write, copy, distribute.

c.       Some activities require phone messages.

d.      Assist teachers with lesson plans as needed.

e.       Coordinate needs for weekly activities; materials, copies, TV/VCR/DVD, etc.

f.        Prepare classrooms for weekly classes.

g.      Prepare announcements for classrooms.

h.      Develop and execute weekly instructions, and Catholic activity pertinent to the week.

i.        Organize replacements for teachers.

j.        Execute disciplinary actions for each classroom.  Support teachers with any issues that may arise during class time.

k.      Be available for and meet with parents on various issues.

a.       Plan and conduct upcoming RE activities.

b.      Coordinate monthly Children’s Mass.  Lectors, ushers, altar servers, gift bearers, etc.

c.        Create perfect-attendance certificates and gifts for RE.  Students get perfect attendance certificates each month with a small gift.


a.       Coordinate teachers and assistants for each religious education classroom.

b.      Coordinate, order (at government expense), and distribute supplies for each classroom.

c.       Coordinate and conduct teacher training and meetings throughout the year.

d.      Plan and organize special programs throughout the year based on liturgical/holiday calendar (i.e., Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc.).

e.       Plan and conduct Catechist induction.

f.        Plan and conduct teacher appreciation (breakfast, gifts, certificates, etc.).

g.      Prepare certificates and gifts for student participation.

h.      Prepare recommendation letters throughout the year.

i.        Ensure all teachers are certified by the Archdiocese of Military Services (AMS) or in process thereof.




The Chaplain Corps is authorized to utilize volunteers, Voluntary Services in the Department of Defense, to support religious education.  All volunteers require oversight, training and recognition related to their specific duties.  Volunteers who may meet minors in the performance of their duties require a Child Care Criminal History Background Check Background Checks on Individuals in DoD Child Care Services Programs.


a.       Serve as the Chaplain Corps Volunteer Supervisor for the Catholic RE Program.0

b.      Recruit, train, and supervise volunteers for all Catholic RE programs.  Ensure all planned programs have adequate volunteer support, and the volunteer to child ratio is within DoD and Air Force regulations and Chapel policy.

c.       Ensure volunteers meet all DoD, Air Force, and local volunteer policy requirements to include:

i.            Complete DD Form 2793, Volunteer Agreement for Appropriated Fund Activities & Non-Appropriated Fund Instrumentalities, certifying their understanding of their roles and responsibilities as a volunteer.

ii.            Complete chapel non-disclosure agreement to certify understanding of privileged communication while volunteering in religious programs.

iii.            Maintain daily record of volunteer hours.

d.      Ensure all personnel, working in programs involving minors in the performance of their duties during Chaplain Corps programs, have completed a Child Care Criminal History Background Check and comply with Line of Site Supervision (LOSS) requirements.

e.       Create and maintain a master catholic RE volunteer list and contact information.

f.        Provide initial and annual orientation & training for program volunteers.

g.      Comply with all DoD and Air Force volunteer policy requirements as outlined on the Chapel SharePoint site.



The coordinator must:

Be 18 years or older.
Must have a minimum of one (1) year of experience teaching Catholic Religious Education.  Have a strong theological grasp of the Catholic faith and have openness to a wide variety of faith expressions within the Chapel community. Also, be able to demonstrate the ability to clearly express the details of basic Catholic doctrine.
Have a master’s degree in Theology or Religious Studies or have a valid AMS Advanced Catechist Certification.
d.      Be able to perform word processing in a Windows computer environment.  Must be capable of working with calendar programs, MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and show ability to work with other software programs if necessary.

e.       Be able to resolve interpersonal conflicts and promote constructive working relations.

f.        Maintain a respectful, positive, and spiritually sensitive environment. Must be able to work with Chapel staff members, all military personnel, Chapel volunteer lay leaders, and Chapel volunteers with diverse spiritual backgrounds.

g.      Undergo a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Background Check and received a final favorable suitability or fitness determination and be current on all periodic reinvestigations as required by law, Background Checks on Individuals in DoD Child Care Services Programs.

h.      Qualify as a Line-of-Sight Supervisor for programs involving minors. Line-of-Sight Supervision (LOSS) is defined as continuous visual observation and supervision of an individual whose FBI background check has not yet cleared, and has a favorable interim suitability or fitness determination, while engaged in child interactive duties, or in the presence of children in a DoD-sanctioned program or activity.





Sanford Federal Inc,
800 Corporate Drive, Suite 301, Stafford VA 22554 Suite 301
Stafford, VA, Virginia 22554


Gen Clarck


Vandenberg Space Force Base, CA
Job type
Part Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
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Event Coordination
Church Ministry