Staff Associate at Sammamish/Issaquah Young Life
Issaquah, WA 98027

The Sammamish community is a fast growing, multiethnic community on the east side of Seattle. The growth of East, Southeast, and Central Asian families in Sammamish is accelerating due to a number of factors — Seattle’s global high-tech workforce, excellent schools, and attractive suburban living. These factors and others have contributed to vibrant multiethnic communities growing along Seattle’s Eastside, including Sammamish.

Our mission is for every student to have the opportunity to hear the Gospel before they graduate. We believe that God is inviting us to cultivate staff and volunteer teams that represent and are empowered to serve our diverse community.

As a staff associate, you’ll have the opportunity to take on a leadership role in a healthy, established ministry; to develop the skills necessary to lead in a rapidly evolving workplace; and to begin an exciting career in a truly global organization. Because our community is home to some of the world’s largest, most influential corporations (Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, etc.), success here means impact that is truly global. As families move here from all over the globe, we have a unique opportunity, as Young Life leaders, to create a wider culture of belonging as we seek to reach and include kids from all cultures.

We are looking for a full-time staff associate who is excited about continuing to expand outreach throughout our growing community primarily through leading a team of volunteers to develop relationships with high school and middle school kids in Sammamish, Wash. We are a flourishing ministry with established Campaigners, club and camping and want to add a staffed position to continue to develop relationships with students, parents and volunteer leaders. This work will serve as the foundation for growing our active ministry for the 4,000+ students at Skyline High School and the community middle schools.

There are few Young Life areas that are as active and deeply rooted as Sammamish/Issaquah Young Life. You’ll work alongside our large team including other staff associates and part-time staff – giving you an opportunity to learn and grow with a diverse set of peers doing the same work. You will be supported by an active area committee and supportive parent community as you build relationships with students and leaders. You will recruit and manage volunteers, engage with the community, raise money and lead direct ministry. You’ll be given the freedom to build Young Life in your community with the support and resources of a large area — all while developing the skills you’ll need for a successful career in Young Life.


Sammamish/Issaquah Young Life
PO Box 2561
Issaquah, Washington 98027


Andy Morman


Issaquah, WA 98027
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Full Time
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Creative Thinking
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Working with Adolescents