Groups Pastor at Roswell Street Baptist Church

Groups Pastor | Search Profile


Christian Stewardship & Calling

*You are a follower of Jesus Christ

*You live a godly lifestyle exemplified through personal worship, Bible study, prayer, stewardship, evangelism, and spiritual growth

*You demonstrate observable spiritual fruit (Galatians 5:22-23)

*You maintain a healthy balance between work and home

*You are called into vocational Christian ministry

*You have a teachable spirit

*You are a team player

*You agree with the RSBC Mission/Vision



*Preferred – candidate has been both licensed and ordained into vocational Christian ministry

*Required – candidate can provide a church that can vouch for candidate’s lifestyle and calling



*Preferred – seminary degree in related field

*Required – college degree


Church Experience

*Preferred – 5+ years on staff in a medium-sized to large church

*Required – 2+ years on staff (or as an intern) in a medium-sized to large church


Pay Scale

*Salary is commensurate with the candidate’s experience and education.

*Benefits package provided (comprehensive medical, dental, optical, 403b, life insurance, ST&LT disability)


Spiritual Gifts/Personality/Strengths

*A spiritual gifts inventory, personality inventory, and strengths/passions inventory will be assessed during the interview process



Adult Groups Pastor | Job Description


Life Group Ministry

*You give leadership and direction to the Life Groups Ministry (Sunday Groups)

*You provide annual recruitment plan to provide leaders for all adult groups

*You provide semi-annual life group leadership trainings

*You provide regular online meetings and training sessions

*You oversee curriculum selection, subscription, Zoom platform, and other Life group media

*You maintain Life Group resources and equipment

*You provide and train substitute teachers as needed

*You work with both staff support and volunteers to accomplish necessary tasks

*You provide a Life Groups strategy for each class that includes teaching, caring, and mission


Small Group Ministry

*You give leadership and direction to the Small Groups Ministry (Non-Sunday Groups)

*You recruit and train small group leaders

*You provide a platform for groups ministry

*You assist in developing and/or selecting curricula as needed

*You provide and train substitute teachers as needed


Discipleship Group (D-Group) Ministry

*You give leadership and direction to the D-Groups Ministry

*You recruit and train D-Group leaders

*You provide semi-annual leadership trainings and recruitment sessions

*You provide resources to support each group

*You oversee the process of assimilation of church members into D-Groups


General Duties

*You serve on the Ministry Team and attend all MT functions as assigned

*You serve on the hospital rotation and ‘on call’ team rotation

*You serve as assigned by either the lead pastor or executive pastor

*You adhere to the RSBC Staff Code of Conduct

*You support the RSBC Mission, Vision, Core Values, Tag Line

*You adhere to the guidelines provided in the RSBC Employee Handbook

*You attend HR training, staff retreats, etc. as needed

*You are in general agreement with the Baptist Faith & Message 2000

*You adhere to the RSBC MinistrySafe platform and safety training manuals


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Roswell Street Baptist Church
774 Roswell St NE
Marietta, Georgia 30060


Roswell Street Baptist Church



Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Not Exempt
Church Ministry