Pastor of Connections and Small Groups at Rooftop Church
9217 Gravois Road

Rooftop Church is a medium-sized interdenominational church in an inner suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. We blend a commitment to big-tent Biblical orthodoxy with creativity, humor, and even a bit of irreverence for the sake of reaching our community for Christ. After successfully planting a new church last year, we are eager to continue growing by adding additional staff, including a new Pastor of Connections and Small Groups.

Job Responsibilities and Description


  • Meet with visitors and shepherd them through the connections process.
  • Build and oversee Connections team and process, which supports visitors as they get involved in the church. This includes responding to inquiries and overseeing the automated connections process.
  • Lead monthly Newcomer’s Luncheons to help introduce visitors to Rooftop.
  • Lead quarterly What’s Next Workshops, to help Rooftoppers take their next steps at Rooftop: connecting, contributing, committing.
  • Build the Fourth Floor roster by meeting with and communicating membership expectations.
  • Assess Rooftop’s connectability culture and recommend changes to help us be an accessible and connecting place.
  • Work with the Director of Outreach and Communications to integrate new visitors into the life of Rooftop.

Small Groups

  • Lead a small group.
  • Grow and develop Rooftop’s small group ministry into a primary means of discipleship and connections at Rooftop.
  • Start new small groups and oversee sign-up process during January, May, and August.
  • Stay in contact with small group leaders for purposes of equipping and support.
  • Visit small groups annually to provide feedback and answer SG members’ questions about the health and direction of Rooftop.
  • Ensure that all small group instruction is consistent with Rooftop’s Statement of Faith.
  • Help identify and train future small group leaders.
  • Publicize and champion the importance of small group-based discipleship.


  • Preach approximately once every 4-6 weeks, at the request of the Lead Pastor (LP). Oversee all Sunday morning programming responsibilities on those Sundays. Preach consistently with Rooftop’s values, beliefs and programming standards.
  • Cultivate a “feedback team” of some sort to continue growing as a preacher/communicator. Work with the LP in the preparation and evaluation of sermons, and to identify strengths and weaknesses as a communicator.
  • As needed, assist the LP to assess the needs of the congregation in scheduling sermon series.
  • Use preaching as an opportunity to champion our values and purpose as a church.
  • Participate in Sunday morning service as available and as requested outside of normal preaching requirement.


  • Support assigned ministry leaders at Rooftop by meeting regularly with them, helping them coordinate their ministries with those of other ministries, and troubleshooting as necessary.
  • Provide pastoral support, accountability, and guidance to leaders and their families.
  • Intentionally identify possible new leaders in and throughout Rooftop, providing mentoring and development opportunities, and helping them find their leadership role at Rooftop and in the larger kingdom.

Congregational Care

  • Be available to provide pastoral leadership and counsel to Rooftoppers-in-need, following up as appropriate.
  • Perform weddings, funerals, and other pastoral care as schedule allows and as requested by the LP.
  • Work with the LP and staff to provide additional discipleship and growth opportunities for the people of Rooftop.


  • Work with the Lead Pastor to handle the general unassigned tasks of church leadership: pastoral care, administrative duties, etc.
  • Maintain regular presence in office as requested by the LP.
  • Meet with church elders as requested by the elders for purposes of encouragement, prayer, support, and accountability.
  • Meet with LP and staff weekly for purposes of communication, development and discipleship.


  • Pursue personal development opportunities (through prayer, reading and mentoring) to grow in wisdom and ability to service more effectively as a Christian leader and pastor.
  • Seek out professional development opportunities to grow in key gifts: leadership, teaching, etc.
  • Continue reading and studying as a teacher of God’s word and leader of his people.

Congregational Life 

  • Remain involved in the life of the congregation through social functions and attendance at all fourth-floor Rooftop events and as many other events as possible.
  • Remain committed to the purpose and values of the church: teaching, worship, evangelism, community, service and prayer.


  • Model Christian maturity in personal, family, and professional life.


  • Completion of bachelor-level theological and ministry education. Masters-level preferred.
  • Passion for small group-based discipleship, and experience leading successful small groups and overseeing a successful small group ministry.
  • High sociability and love for people, and able to connect with all kinds of people across the demographic spectrum.
  • Organized and responsible and a track record of strong and effective leadership.
  • History of submission to church leaders and elders.
  • Reputation for integrity, servanthood, spiritual fervor, and emotional maturity.
  • Some experience preaching.
  • An overall eagerness to learn and grow, and preaching-related gifts.
  • Possible interest in church-planting a bonus.
  • Honest and forthcoming concerning patterns of sin and past history.
  • Committed to basic Christian theology and Rooftop’s Statement of Faith.
  • Committed to Rooftop’s purpose, practices, and personality as a church.


Rooftop Church
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