Worship Leader at Resonate Church
3433 Memorial Drive, Decatur, GA 30032

The primary focus of this position will be providing pastoral leadership in the coordination of the music ministry and other components of our regular worship gatherings. Upholding a standard of excellence and alignment with Resonate’s mission statement, the candidate will wholeheartedly support our mission to make disciple-making disciples. As the Worship Leader, the candidate will assume a leadership role in guiding the worship teams, encompassing music and AVL. Collaborating closely with our staff and Leadership Team, they will actively work to lead and guide the congregation in both musical and spiritual worship, ultimately glorifying God and fostering encouragement among His people. A creative approach to leading individuals towards God is essential, as is the ability to inspire others to join in the pursuit of our vision through effective communication of direction. We want to emphasize that this position is primarily pastoral in nature, one that therefore requires the individual to serve not solely as a musical director, but also as a shepherd to the people who serve in this ministry.

While our intention is to bring on a full-time employee, we recognize that dedicating the entirety of the workweek solely to our Worship ministry may not be feasible at this time. To address this, we seek a candidate who possesses additional skills (i.e. youth ministry, facility management, creative arts and design, missions, or other related fields). By incorporating these areas, we can create a well-rounded full-time job that allows the candidate to contribute meaningfully to an additional ministry of our church. The specific areas of focus will be tailored to the candidate's skills and interests. As we expand this job to a full-time position, our goal is to create a role that effectively utilizes the candidate's skills while meeting the needs of our church.

This role fulfills the mission of Resonate church by equipping disciple-making disciples through representing the church on stage by leading the band and congregation in corporate worship.

The Worship Leader will have responsibilities in the following areas:


  • Plan the corporate worship services of Resonate in consultation with the Lead Pastor and do so with prayer, conceptual forethought, theological accuracy, and musical appropriateness.  Ensure that all the musical and technical aspects of the service advance the theme for the day.
  • Direct all weekly activities and rehearsals necessary to facilitate worship in services. This includes preparing chord charts, sheet music, and other necessary resources for the band and vocalists.
  • Maintain an up-to-date database of worship songs, ensuring a diverse repertoire that aligns with the church's theological and missional beliefs and values.


  • Provide leadership creatively, technically and relationally to the musical worship ministries of Resonate and build a full team of passionate worshippers.
  • Build the necessary volunteer teams to carry out the worship vision of Resonate. This includes existing volunteer worship leaders, support musicians, singers, and AVL.
  • Provide guidance and spiritual care for those that serve on the teams you oversee.
  • Introduce volunteers to worship training provided by other ministries, books, and conferences.
  • Create and manage a rotating schedule for musicians, vocalists, and other team members, ensuring a distribution of responsibilities and space for those skilled to use the gifts God has given them to serve the church.


  • Manage the worship department budget and organization.
  • Oversee that all aspects of AVL are organized, and done with excellence and intentionality.
  • Set annual goals for the worship ministry that are in line with the overall vision of Resonate and then evaluate how those goals were attained or modified during the year.


Depending on the applicant's skillset and interest, we are willing to round out the job with another area of responsibility. This could include areas such as youth, facilities, missions, creative arts/design, communication, etc. This area will be tailored to each applicant depending on the needs of the church and the applicants strengths.


  • Experience in leading worship as the lead musician and vocalist
  • Demonstrated musical proficiency, both vocally and instrumentally, with the ability to lead congregational worship effectively.
  • Strong leadership skills and the ability to inspire and guide a diverse team of musicians and vocalists.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills, with the ability to manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
  • Knowledge of contemporary Christian worship music, as well as familiarity with Gospel music, traditional hymns and other worship styles.
  • Willingness to explore diverse styles of worship songs during Sunday Services.
  • Experience in selecting and arranging worship songs to create a cohesive worship flow.
  • Proficient in using music software and technology (e.g., Planning Center Online, ProPresenter, etc.).
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to work collaboratively with staff, volunteers, and congregation members.
  • Have a working knowledge of music theory to make each aspect of the worship ministries successful.
  • Demonstrate an ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • A willingness to grow and adapt to the inevitable changes found in a growing local church.
  • A temperament reflective of the fruit of the Spirit.
  • A partner (or willing to become a partner) at Resonate Church.

Employment at Resonate Church is open to qualified individuals who are Christians of good character, without regard to race, gender, national or ethnic origin, age, or disability. Resonate Church is a religious ministry, permitted to discriminate based upon religion. All prospective and current employees must agree with the Resonate Church Congregational Statement of Faith, and they must be willing to conduct their lives in conformity to the Resonate Employee Code of Conduct.


Resonate Church
3433 Memorial Drive
Decatur, Georgia 30032


Chris Case
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3433 Memorial Drive, Decatur, GA 30032
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Full Time
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