Pastor of Family at Redemption Church
Costa Mesa, CA

Redemption Church Pastor of Family

Role Description

The Redemption Pastor of Family is responsible to lead and develop Redemption Church as a family. The main focus of this role is equipping and supporting multiple serve teams throughout the church including oversight of the areas of children and youth.

The Pastor of Family provides pastoral leadership, team building, and support to Redemption Church’s serve teams ensuring a robust team of youth and children’s leaders, Sunday serve teams, and leaders for men and women’s ministry. These teams are a key strategy to our church family being formed in the Way of Jesus and mobilized to impact the communities around them.

Fulfillment of those responsibilities results in the church family feeling connected to one another, understanding their gifts, and growing in their formation as Jesus followers. The Pastor of Family creates pathways for care and equipping as a church family that result in the support our Redemption family needs to function in healthy rhythms.

The regimen for achieving these results includes weekly gatherings for middle school and high school students, weekly connections with serve team leaders, and developing an annual camp plan for kids, youth, and adults. The regimen for this role also includes weekly staff meetings and lunches, monthly Formation Mondays (2nd Monday of each month), and annual staff and elder retreats.

The Pastor of Family fulfills the following main roles:

Staff Supervisor and Supporter

Responsibility: Provide direction and support to Kids and Youth Ministry directors to fulfill their responsibilities and goals for a thriving children and youth ministries.

Results: Youth and Kids ministries directors are meeting their responsibilities and results. Directors feel equipped and supported in their roles.

Regimen: Develop weekly rhythm of accountability and support with staff team. Identify areas of development and equipping and appropriate resources.

Resolutions: Resolve to uphold and carry out all youth and children’s policies with the youth and children’s directors. Resolve to integrate youth and children’s leaders into churchwide formation gatherings with the pastoral team. Resolve with the pastoral team
to connect church exploration topics and teaching with youth and kids curriculum and activities.

Team Builder

Responsibility: Build serve teams that equip the family as part of their formation and support the work of the church family like Sunday gatherings, family support and connections.

Results: Necessary serve teams are identified, formed, and equipped to support the church family.

Regimen: Provide weekly support for serve team leaders. Develop a regular regimen for equipping serve team leaders. Lead biannual appreciation for serve team members. Oversee and manage Sunday serve teams.

Resolutions: Resolve with pastoral team and staff what serve team roles we are looking for. Resolve with communication team to develop appropriate methods for inviting the church family to serve. Resolve with the Pastor of Healthy Communities how we will connect new people to serve teams. Resolve with serve team leaders how to build, equip, and lead serve teams.

Redemption Pastoral Team Member

Responsibility: Actively co-lead and collaborate with Pastor of Formation and Pastor of Healthy Communities to achieve collective goals related to our mission to be a family of Jesus followers committed to the health of our communities. Pastor the community in relationships, teaching, and community direction.

Results: Collectively track and celebrate the number of communities the Redemption family is participating in. We see an increase in participation at Formation Mondays. Develop success measurement for church is family.

Regimen: Co-lead weekly staff and Sunday meetings. Collaborate in weekly pastoral team meetings. Participate regularly in Sunday gatherings including preaching. Co-develop annual staff and elder retreat.

Resolutions: Regularly resolve with pastoral team what needs to happen to achieve our shared mission and goals as a church family. Resolve with other pastors and staff and serve team leaders how to best connect the church family in depth and growth.
Role Structure
Employment Status: EXEMPT
Hours: 40/week
Location: Redemption HQ/Costa Mesa, CA
Compensation: $80,000- $100,000 annual salary
Benefits: 15 days paid vacation; 5 sick days; housing allowance


Redemption Church
1718 Monrovia Ave.
Costa Mesa, California 92627


Christine Nolf


Costa Mesa, CA
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
$80,000- $100,000 /annually
Ordained position
Exempt status
Coaching Individuals
Team Building
Church Ministry