Academy Director at RAISE Christian Academy
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Position:  RAISE Christian Academy Director

Job Classification: Full Time


The RAISE Christian Academy Director will administer and motivate the academy in a manner that will result in academic and spiritual growth for the students and individuals participating, and appropriately incorporate the vision and mission of RED Church into the heart of the academy. Major focus will be placed on quality instruction, spiritual growth, healthy staff relationships, healthy budgeting, marketing, and physical growth. RAISE Christian Academy is a ministry partner with RED Church and is currently a birth through 3rd grade academy with the desire and intent to grow beyond 3rd grade.

Required Skills and Attributes

Must be someone who has a strong saving faith, belief in Jesus, and a strong understanding of Biblical principles.
Must be entrepreneurial and love to start and grow things.
Must be able to strengthen the quality of education both academically and spiritually.
Must have a heart that is aligned with the vision and mission of RAISE (R: Relationship Health, A: Athletics & Physical Health, I: Imagination and Creativity, S: Spiritual Truth, E: Educational Excellence) and a desire to care for the school staff, students, and parents
Must be able to advance and implement a vision.
Must have the ability to manage people and allocate resources.
Must have experience in growing people and organizations.
Must know how to identify and implement best practices.
Must have the ability to work well with the local church and its leadership in order to foster a good relationship between the church and school
Must have the ability to handle stress associated with administering, managing projects, addressing conflict biblically, ministering to people, and adjusting staffing as needed.
Must have a bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
RED Church-Related Responsibilities Include Meeting Biblical qualifications for the role, Proactively communicating, supporting, and fulfilling the mission, vision, core values, purposes and goals of RED Church and RAISE Christian Academy. You will attend weekly staff meetings, staff prayer meetings, and report to the Executive Pastor weekly. You will report to the advisory board monthly and act as liaison between church staff and academy staff. You will Develop an annual budget in conjunction with the advisory board and finance team. You will attend any church function that includes church staff introductions. You must be in congruence with RAISE and RED Church theology and statement of faith.

RAISE Director Responsibilities include Administrative duties, Managing Student Life, Overseeing Business, Finance and Facility Operations, Taking ownership of Admissions, Continuing training and development, Marketing and Financial Aid Projects, as well as Advancement and Fund-Raising projects.

*There is the expectation that some of these administrative responsibilities could be delegated to other RAISE Staff as appropriate.


RAISE Christian Academy
245 South Rosemont Road
Va Beach, Virginia 23452


Adam Woods

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Virginia Beach, Virginia
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
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Administrative and Support Services