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Pastor of Student Ministries

Quaboag Church is a 30-year-old congregation with around 140 people in attendance on Sunday mornings.  In a given month, there are around 200 people that attend.  We are currently rebuilding momentum post-pandemic and excited about new growth through salvations and those searching for God in the aftermath of a very difficult year-and-a-half.  As such, our church body is a mixture of those searching for God, those who are new to the faith, and those who have known Christ for decades.  A high priority is placed on building disciples through relational, in-home life-groups.  This applies to both students and adults.  We are a contemporary church that is driven to be a valuable member of our community that creates an authentic space to Worship, Connect, and Serve.
We are seeking a full-time pastor to partner with as we build toward what we know will be a bright future.  Our Jr. High/Sr. High ministry, Catalyst, currently has around 35 students that represent several schools in our area. There is a great core of students that are currently in the early stages of a year focused on being disciple-makers.  Our vision is #4100, which represents the total number of students we have the opportunity to reach in the schools in the communities around our church.  Coming on staff would mean taking this vision and continuing to reach out into our schools with the hope of Christ.
This new pastor will also oversee our KidZone ministry, supporting a dedicated team of leaders. Additionally, he will give leadership to our Director of Communications, who ensures our reach online is both creative and intentional.
Student ministry will be a major component of this position, but we currently have a couple of needs in addition to youth ministry: church connections/administration and worship ministry.   Applicants need not possess strengths in these other areas to apply, but they are desirable.  However, through the application and interview process, we will determine with the applicant if their skill set is a good fit.  Our goal is to leave these additional needs up to God and to the individual strengths of applicants to this position.

Quaboag Church seeks a community-minded leader of students who will cultivate within the church body a passion for loving God, loving others and sharing Christ.  For student ministries, this means leading leaders well, as there is a great team in place.  For worship ministry, this means leading and developing a diverse, talented, and contemporary worship ministries team that currently serves the church.  Alternatively, for church connections/administration, this means leading and developing systems for a diverse team of volunteers to help people connect to church life through outreach, membership, groups and service.
Responsibilities: (40-50 hrs. per week)
·       Student Ministries (60%)
o   Student Ministries Leadership Development
§  Identify, train and develop adult leaders to disciple, connect and serve students
§  Lead and further develop the Catalyst student leadership team
o   Calendar
§  Maintain the student ministries calendar, coordinating with leaders and area organizations as necessary
§  Plan events, retreats, mission trips and other opportunities throughout the year for students to connect and serve with each other
§  Document and maintain annual processes necessary for ministry success
o   Community
§  Continue to develop relationships with local schools and their staff
§  Continue partnerships with local businesses to help serve our community
o   Culture
§  Spend time developing relationships with students one-to-one and in groups.
§  Lead an evangelize and invite culture where students see themselves as the primary means by which God will build his church
§  Ensure students understand our church exists to help people in our community to “Worship, Connect, Serve.”
§  Communicate a clear missional vision owned personally by our students, parents and leaders: “Love God. Love Others. Make Disciple-Makers.”
o   Parents
§  Partner with parents through consistent communication and support
§  Maintain an efficient student and parent tracking system
o   Safety
§  Maintain updated CORI/SORI information for all student ministry workers
§  Maintain proper on-boarding process for student ministry leaders
o   KidZone
§  Lead and support KidZone Coordinator and KidZone volunteers
·       Online Ministry (5%)
o   Provide leadership and support to the Director of Communications
o   Provide leadership and support to the streaming team
·       General Pastoral Ministries
o   Leading people to salvation and baptisms
o   Counseling, preaching and performing weddings and memorials (all as needed)

·       Worship Ministries (35%) (One Area of Need)
o   Lead weekly practices in preparation for Sunday worship
o   Develop a schedule for singers using scheduling software
o   Work with Lead Pastor and church schedule to coordinate music needs
o   Recruit and develop new members for the worship and presentation tech teams
·       Church Connections/Administration (35%) (Another Area of Need)
o   Coordinate outreach events (as needed)
o   Coordinate Discover Quaboag & membership classes
o   Train leaders and develop systems for small groups, discipleship and life groups
o   Train leaders and develop systems for service opportunities
o   Coordinate the usage and teams that care for the building

·       Student Ministries
o   A recognized gift of teaching
o   Ability to be a team player and lead leaders
o   Good time management and scheduling skills
o   Ability to build relationships with church members and surrounding community
o   Recognize ability of both leaders and students to teach and serve
o   Ability to utilize Scripture and programming to make disciple-makers
·       Worship Ministries (One Option)
o   Proficiency in leading worship, singing, and playing an instrument
o   Ability to identify, develop and lead music ministry team members
o   Solid understanding of software and technology related to worship
·       Church Connections and Administration (Another Option)
o   Ability to understand how areas of responsibility relate to the overall wellness of the church
o   Must be a team player
o   Administrative giftedness
o   Ability to lead, manage systems and encourage volunteers in service
o   Ability to develop, implement and manage measurable systems that will help ministry grow
·       General Pastoral Ministries
o   Ability to teach and lead adults
·       Personal
o   Actively engaged in regular personal growth through time in Scripture and prayer
o   Godly characteristics of a leader that reflects an intimate relationship with Jesus as described in 1 Tim 3:2-13 and Titus 1:6-9
o   Firm grasp of Scripture and core doctrines of the Christian faith

Minimum Qualifications:
·       Bachelor’s Degree and at least two years of experience in Student Ministry

Salary and Benefits:
·       Commensurate with experience and education
For more information or to submit your resume for consideration, please contact Pastor Kyle at


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