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Shelby,North Carolina

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Pleasant City Church is located in Shelby, NC. We have an average Sunday attendance of 900 with a student ministry involving a weekly average of 130 students and leaders. Our church exists to love God, connect with others, and reach the world. We encourage each applicant to visit our website to view our beliefs, culture, and layout of our current student ministry:



Resumes may be emailed to [email protected] Submission deadline is February 19th. Please include in your resume a brief bio detailing information on your family, testimony, call to ministry, and your church history. Contact the church office (704-487-6415) if you desire to ensure receipt of resume submission.



Education: Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree in Christian ministry preferred

Experience: A minimum of 3 years of experience in ministry

Expectations: Must have a genuine Pastor’s heart and love for students that leads to the discipling of these students. Must be a proficient communicator that rightly studies and teaches the Word of God.


Oversees and Coordinates


Wednesday Worship Gatherings (warehouseWorship)

-       Coordinates and leads weekly student worship Gathering

o   Oversees all directors of the Wednesday Gathering: café, security, worship team, media, small group leaders, etc.

-       Prepares and preaches a Biblically sound message each week that is engaging and challenging

-       Coordinates specialized ministry for 6th graders (Merge)


Sunday Connect (Small) Groups (warehouseConnect)

-       Coordinates all curriculum for connect groups with a mandate to cover important topics (Examples: social media, an overview of the Bible, sex: lust, porn, LGBTQ+, relationships: dating and friendships, defending your Faith)

-       Recruits, trains, and supervises all Connect leaders

-       Maintains a strong visible presence with the students and leaders each Sunday morning

-       Leads by example through leading/teaching the 11-12th grade Connect group


Intern and Adult Lay Leadership

-       Provides a clear vetting process on leaders that teach or lead a small group (Examples: knowing where potential leaders stand on Scripture, God’s design for sex/identity, Pro-life, Drug use, etc.)

-       Gives clear expectations to all leaders

-       Meets frequently with adult leaders (at least once a month)

-       Meets weekly with interns

-       Personally leads specific hands on training for warehouse leadership

-       Cultivates a culture of fellowship among adult leadership by providing opportunities for adults to fellowship with Student Pastor and other adult leaders

Student Leadership

-       Provides a clear strategy and process of student leadership development

-       Personally meets frequently with High School student leaders (at least twice a month)

-       Coordinates frequently with Middle School student leaders (at least twice a month)


Student Camps, Retreats, Conferences, and Mission Trips

-       Leads a summer camp experience for all Middle and High School students.

o   Schedules follow-up meetings/conversations with parents and their students who made important decisions during camp (This should occur no later than one week after camp)

-       Leads missional opportunities (international and local) throughout each year for Middle and High School students (Examples: Serve Shelby, World Changers, Mission Guatemala)

o   International mission opportunities will be in coordination with Missions Pastor

Student Activities, Fellowships, and Recreation

-       Coordinates and attends activities and events for students to connect with one another as well as the Student Pastor and other leaders outside of normal gathering times (at least once a month)


Young Singles (College-Age) Ministry

-       Coordinates all curriculum for this connect group with a mandate to cover important topics. (Examples: social media, an overview of the Bible, sex (lust, porn, LGBTQ+), relationships: dating and friendships, defending your Faith)

-       Recruits, trains, and supervises all college-age Connect leaders


Counsel and Visitation for Students

-       Creates availability to students for counsel and crisis

-       Coordinates with students and parents counseling options within church and outside referrals

Student Media and Communications

-       Provides clear and timely communication with parents, students, and leaders through multiple mediums (emails, texts, paper handouts, etc.)

-       Promotes a strong social media presence in coordination with the Creative Arts Pastor


Upkeep of the Student Center & Equipment

-         Expected to keep an overall professional appearance to the facility- Closets, rooms, and general areas are kept neat and clean (Leaders are trained to reset areas back to their default setup after use)

-         Coordinates with the Facilities Manager and the Creative Arts Pastor on building and production equipment needed (both new and maintenance)

-         Coordinates with Facilities Manager for any issues involving the cleaning service or broken items


Student Ministry Budget

General Expectations

-       Must be a person who demonstrates a call to ministry and a daily walk with the Lord

-       Must be a person of integrity and discipline

-       Must be a tithing member of the Church Body

-       Must have a family that supports the ministry of the Church with regular attendance and participation

-       Must be a team player

-       Must keep regular office hours and attend staff meetings

-       Must work under supervision of the Lead Pastoral Team (Lead Pastor, Associate Pastors)




*All PCC staff job descriptions are evaluated and modified on a yearly basis


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Pleasant City Church
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Shelby, North Carolina 28152


Pleasant City Church
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Shelby,North Carolina
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