Associate Pastor at Petra Bible Fellowship
Paphos, Cyprus

Petra Bible Fellowship (Paphos, Cyprus) – Associate Pastor

The Big Picture
Petra Bible Fellowship is a multi-generational international church in Cyprus seeking an Associate Pastor who is gifted and called to serve the Body of Christ by making disciples, preaching the Word of God, evangelizing the lost and eventually succeeding the Senior Pastor.

The Church
Petra Bible Fellowship is a healthy evangelical community of believers established ten years ago.  We are a growing congregation of 70 filled with various ages.  Members are a mix of British, South African, American, Eastern European and Cypriot.  Currently we rent our own space and have even been blessed to see the youth growing in numbers, as well as the children. Paphos is a small, safe, pleasant seaside town with good schools and medicals facilities.  Cost of living is moderate.

The Candidate
We are searching for an Associate Pastor to come alongside our Senior Pastor and begin to take over duties for a healthy succession.  The candidate would be involved, along with the Senior Pastor, in vision casting, preaching, pastoral care, counseling and teaching Bible studies.  This is a missionary supported role, as the church does not have the funds to pay a pastor.

The Qualifications
The Associate Pastor must aim to meet the Biblical qualifications of an elder stated in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. He must be able to walk with the Lord privately, with his family and able to genuinely and visibly engage with God as he leads others.  Doctrinal alignment with Petra Bible Fellowship’s Statement of Faith, mission and core values are essential.  A Master’s degree is preferred along with three years of pastoral experience as an Associate or Youth Pastor.  Fluent in English with a fluency in modern spoken Greek a plus.  We are looking for a team player and self-starter who can collaborate with the Senior pastor in order to continue the health of Petra Bible Fellowship.


Petra Bible Fellowship
106 Mesogis Avenue, Paphos Paphos, Cyprus
Paphos, International 8280


Jason Lancaster

Paphos, Cyprus
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Full Time
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