Children’s Director at Pentecostal Tabernacle
Cambridge, Massachusetts


The Children’s Director will oversee the discipleship ministries, events and programs from cradle to 5th grade for children and their parents. These may include:

Weekly year-round Children’s Ministry: Nursery, Port Kinder (Pre-K & Kindergarten) and Port 15 (1st - 5th Grade)
At minimum, four family events a year such as Harvest Festival, Easter Pop-Up and an Annual Family Cookout/Picnic.
Yearly family outreach events such as Vacation Bible School
Occasional programming, such as parent nights, workshops, and town halls
In addition, the Children’s Director will provide support to the following:

Small Groups: Support the Small Group Ministry by a) encouraging more kids and family small groups to lead events and meetups in their respective areas  b) encourage small group recruitment for kids and families  c) ensure that Children’s Ministry policies and procedures are being followed for kid small groups
Kids Small Groups include: Junior Bible Quiz, Teen Bible Quiz and Girls Brigade
Family/Parent Prayer: Support the Prayer Ministry by a) attending family/parent prayer b) encouraging the recruitment for prayer leaders
Baptisms: Support the Office of Pastoral Care by a) assisting with identifying children and families who want to get baptized b) providing kid’s baptism classes prior to getting baptized.

The Children’s Director reports to the Executive Pastor to ensure that all Children’s ministries align with the overall strategic vision for the church. The Children’s Director coordinates with the Executive Pastor to ensure that the systems, practices, activities and policies of Children’s Ministry are consistent with those of the church. The Children’s Director will have weekly meetings with the Core Staff Team, and will be expected to work alongside them to accomplish the vision of the church as a whole. While the Children’s Director works most closely with each of the ministry leaders in the Children's Ministry, he or she is responsible for the more than fifty Children’s Ministry volunteers.


The Children’s Director will operate in the following key areas:

This is a highly relational ministry and thus priority must be placed on building healthy relationships amongst children, parents and staff.

Knows the youth in the church database by name as well as their parents? names.
Participates weekly in welcoming children and families to programming.
Welcomes and follows up in a timely manner with children and their parents who are new to Pentecostal Tabernacle.
Is accessible to parents to provide consultation, prayer and counsel when needed.
Plans events on a regular basis that are engaging not only to church families but also to those in the community.
Recruiting and Supervision

This position requires someone who enjoys seeing others succeed and grow in their leadership abilities. The Children’s Director must first be an equipper, and secondly a doer. The Children’s Director will:

Provide all volunteers training and regular feedback.
Ensure that all Child Abuse and Sexual Exploitation Prevention policies are being implemented.
Ensure that all Evacuation and Lockdown procedures are being implemented and communicated.
Facilitate regular meetings of adult volunteers for training, encouragement and prayer.
Meet regularly with ministry leaders to develop leadership skills, develop strategic vision for ministries, and plan effective implementation.
Confirm that each Children’s ministry has developed ministry plans, goals and budgets and is evaluating progress toward those goals on a regular basis.
Monitor budget spending and other program expenditures throughout the year

Children’s programs need to maintain a focus on the development of spiritually whole families who have been equipped to encourage other families to become spiritually whole. Each program needs to be evaluated on the basis of how it is contributing toward this goal. The Children’s Director, along with adult and youth volunteers, will plan and facilitate these programs by ensuring that:

The weekly programs are growing in participation, enthusiasm and vision.
A growing number of adults and children are participating in programs where they are being discipled and learning how to disciple others.
Children are regularly participating in Sunday morning ministries, learning how to use their gifts and serving others.
Children and youth are serving alongside adults within the ministries at Pentecostal Tabernacle and other outward focused ministries in the community.
The Children’s Director is available to take part in Sunday morning ministry when necessary and to help with other whole church events.
Culture & Community

Build a discipling culture among children, parents and leaders.
Recruit and equip a team of volunteers in children’s ministry that leads to sustainability in these ministry areas (not dependent on paid staff).
Create a safe environment for children that encourages growth in spiritual maturity.
Encourage and equip parents in their role as primary disciplers of their children. Support them in teaching and mentoring their children in a life of following Christ.
Integrate children into the larger church community. Help foster an “extended family” atmosphere where all ages are valued and contribute.
Work with leaders to develop a coordinated curriculum for all ages that progressively teaches and models SPICE life within spiritually whole families.
Engage in the community, seeking out relationships with those who do not know Christ. Modeling a missional lifestyle.

The ideal Children’ Director will have the following:

A mature relationship with Jesus as Lord and Savior as evidenced by:
Regularly practices prayer, Bible study, and other spiritual disciplines
Exhibits the fruit of the Spirit and walks in the power of the Spirit
Maintains a healthy balance of work and rest in their life
Is a person of integrity who has a good reputation
Partner of Pentecostal Tabernacle
The ability to build and train teams
Strong relationship skills
Effective communication with adults and children
An ability to pioneer new things and inspire others to new initiatives
Familiar with communication via Social Media platforms
5-10 years experience in Youth or Children?s ministry
Seminary degree preferred


Pentecostal Tabernacle
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Joyce Ellerbee

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Cambridge, Massachusetts
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