Peachtree Presbyterian Church – Communications and Digital Marketing Director at Peachtree Presbyterian Church
Atlanta, Georgia

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Denomination: Presbyterian

Weekly Attendance: 1,200 and 1,100+ onlineLocation: Atlanta, Georgia

The Role: Communications and Digital Marketing Director

Meet Peachtree Presbyterian Church:

Peachtree Presbyterian Church is one of the largest and most respected Presbyterian (USA) churches in the United States. Founded as a Sunday school for children in 1910, it has become a thriving multifaceted full-service church, dedicated to serving the community of which it is a part. It is a regional church, drawing from areas far beyond its neighborhood and reaching across the western corridors of the city.

Peachtree’s history began with a missional vision for the community. On the way home from the funeral of their 3-month-old son, Mr. and Mrs. Honour saw the children of their neighborhood and recognized they did not have a place to learn about Jesus. They started a Sunday school for the children in the neighborhood, in memory of their son. That mission Sunday school for youth launched in 1910 and subsequently grew into the church, which was chartered on November 3, 1919. The church grew as the neighborhood expanded and it moved to its current location in May 1960. The church recently completed a building project that expanded the campus to 26 total acres with facilities on both sides of Roswell Road in the growing Buckhead area of Atlanta.

Throughout its history, Peachtree has benefited from strong pastoral leadership, leading the church to embrace a missional direction. From its inception, Peachtree has done everything possible to make a difference in the community. It has vital partnerships with local community ministries, homeless shelters, area churches, as well as with the Atlanta Police and Fire Departments, and with the mayor’s office and other local government entities. One of the newest initiatives launched during the pandemic was an intentional effort to “Feed The 5,000”. This was a three-fold initiative that included: encouraging life in Christ, encouraging one another(calls were made to each of our members), and encouraging our community (with food subsidy and rental assistance).

Peachtree is a multi-generational community experiencing growth through its ministry to young families. Baptizing 160-180 babies a year, home to the South’s largest preschool, and valuing children and student ministries, Peachtree’s median age is 36. Seventy-eight full-time staff and forty-eight part-time staff (not including preschool and gym staff) make up the team, which, alongside leaders in the congregation, guide Peachtree’s ministry. Together, they dream “God-sized dreams” and live that “ministry flows out of fellowship”.

With a membership of over 7,000 and weekly attendance of 2,500 (prior to the pandemic), it is a high-profile church in the Atlanta-Buckhead area and enjoys a national reputation within the Presbyterian USA.


Joining Christ daily in the restoration of all things.

We believe an active, daily relationship with Jesus Christ is the means by which His followers will bring change to a world in need of love, hope, and joy. By growing in the knowledge and understanding of our faith and demonstrating the authenticity of our beliefs in service to each other and the world, we become partners with God in His great restoration project.


Unexpected Togetherness… because the Gospel brings everyone to the table
Gentle Reverence… because perfect love requires both grace and truth
Disruptive Compassion… because enacted love changes people for good.


About the Communications and Digital Marketing Director:

The Communications & Digital Marketing Director will be a strategist for communicating the brand and story of Peachtree Presbyterian Church. This position will be responsible, along with other leadership, for clarifying the church’s vision, goals, and values, conceptualizing each facet, and publishing messages to support said vision, goals, and values to all relevant print, web, and video mediums. This role will be a key part of the leadership team and will set the direction for the organization while building a high-quality, in-house agency that serves the church. Peachtree will also be launching into a major Capital Campaign in Spring 2023 to renovate our 60-year-old campus. The ideal candidate will possess a strong knowledge and the skillset to oversee areas of responsibility while excelling as a creative team leader and collaborator who builds and challenges a team of “agency” specialists. The prospective individual will first and foremost be a compelling visionary, artist, and storyteller, as well as an efficient organizer, planner, and manager.

This position plays a key role for Peachtree and the Senior Leadership Team, participating in the planning, execution, and optimization of Peachtree marketing efforts, and ultimately effectively connecting our brand, mission, and ministry with our congregation. This position is responsible for the direction, strategy, coordination, and implementation of external communications efforts that support the Creative Content, Production, and Ministry teams, with the purpose of fulfilling the mission of Peachtree. This position must be a forward-focused, team player with a faith-filled attitude. The role reports to the Executive Director and works closely with the Senior Leadership Team.

The Communication and Digital Marketing Director is responsible for all digital marketing and print marketing – including website design and management, social media, and digital advertising campaigns. Additionally, this role will develop market performance analytics to measure, analyze and optimize initiatives. This role is also responsible for building and implementing content strategy including church digital app (TouchPoint), blogs, email, marketing automation, articles, videos, and other types of content aligned to engage with customers and meet church objectives.


The Communications and Digital Marketing Director Responsibilities Include:

Identify and communicate a clear brand story for Peachtree Presbyterian Church, including the church’s people and programs, through its various channels and platforms.
Lead and collaborate with fellow staff in two areas of strategic emphasis:

Conceptualize and create compelling editorial content.
Develop and manage effective channels for marketing to audiences within and beyond the church.
Build and develop creative staff, including graphic design,  web, social media, and print specializations.
Build brand awareness, marketing/advertising strategy, PR, crisis communications management.
Lead an effective organizational creative process, including clear creative direction and project management.
Establish effective systems to enhance productivity and workflow.
Understand how to build brand awareness for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party database groups so we can know and shepherd each group uniquely. (1st party is our current Church TouchPoint database profiles, 2nd party is all those on our campus for programs as our Gym or MOPS programs but not engaged in our church, and 3rd party database is purchased to help us reach out to new families in our region).
Serve as a player/coach who is not only the team leader but the point person for at least one area of specialization.
Establish a clear digital philosophy that aligns with our in-person methodology.
Work closely with outside services providers such as advertising agencies, research providers, and fulfillment companies as needed.
Build strong internal partnerships with the Senior Leadership Team and key Church department stakeholders who are the main customers to the Communication and Digital Marketing Director.
This position also works closely in partnership with the Video and Online Worship Director who is the main curator of video story and video creation as well as director of the online worship service and streaming.
Identify opportunities for growth and provide solutions. For example, Peachtree needs to create Facebook/Instagram/Google Ads to attract new people, but the team has not been able to support this initiative. The person would proactively find an agency to quickly find the solution instead of waiting for someone to approve staffing/budget if necessary.

What You Bring:

Education & Experience

A Bachelor’s degree in a related field, theological education is a plus.
Preferred degree in one of the following: Communication, Journalism, Marketing, Advertising/PR, or other areas similar to communications.
A minimum of 5 years of experience in the field is preferred.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of, and proven track record in design, production, marketing, advertising, internal/external communication, digital media marketing, social networking, and public relations.
Exceedingly strong leadership, collaboration, and relational skills.
Demonstrated ability to lead a talented and diverse creative and communications department.
Ability to establish authentic rapport with all staff and members.
Ability to provide expert communications consultation to all levels of the church organization.
Excellent oral and written communication abilities and knowledge in principles of graphic design, web, print, and/or video (proficiency in these areas is highly desired).
Capability to execute at both a macro level and a micro level while maintaining a global view and a commitment to detail.
Set and maintain deadlines, with a goal to deliver excellence in a timely manner.
Curiosity with new technological trends and an ability to integrate them into mission and ministry.
Understanding of the multi-cultural landscape of the area.
Must understand how to scale the needs of a large ministry with good project management skills and the ability to develop the team.
Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

A commitment to Jesus Christ and desire to use gifts in a ministry setting.
A mature and passionate commitment to Jesus Christ.
A pastoral heart, a love for people, and a gift for creating community.
Able to provide vision and direction for the ministry.
A demonstrated high level of integrity, guided by a sound set of ethical principles.
Chemistry with the congregation of Peachtree Presbyterian Church.
An unrelenting passion for leading people to faith and equipping them with biblically-based tools for life.
Demonstrated humility and transparency.
A doctrine that matches and celebrates that of the Peachtree family, which can best be described as evangelical biblical orthodoxy in the Reformed tradition.
Energetic leadership and people skills with the ability to motivate, inspire, equip and encourage teams.
A passion to be invested and engaged in the community.
A proven track record of being a self-starter, entrepreneur, and goal-oriented worker, with a strong work ethic.
A team player and team builder who focuses on the good of the entire organization and can inspire others to work together to achieve organizational excellence.
A strong communicator who listens well and is comfortable and effective at all levels of the organization; one who thrives on providing the necessary support for others to succeed.

What it's Like to Live in Atlanta, Georgia (Buckhead Region):

Peachtree Presbyterian Church is located in the prestigious Buckhead region of Atlanta. Comprising approximately the northern one-fifth of the city, Buckhead is a major commercial and financial center of the Southeast, with its high-rise office buildings, hotels, and condominiums forming a highly urbanized core along Peachtree Road. Surrounding this dense core are Buckhead's suburban neighborhoods, which feature large single-family homes situated among dense forests and rolling hills. Sometimes called the “Beverly Hills of the South,” The Robb Report rated Buckhead one of the USA's 10 "Top Affluent Communities" for "Some of the most beautiful mansions, best shopping and finest restaurants in the southeastern United States." Buckhead boasts excellent schools and tremendous quality of life.

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