Director of Worship Ministires at Palo Alto Vineyard Church
Palo Alto, CA


  • Part-time position at 20 to 25 hrs per week, including Sundays and some special events on Saturdays or weeknights (limited).
  • Possible opportunity for full-time status may be available with other duties added to role, as matched with giftings and necessity.
  • Reports to Lead Pastor.


The Director of Worship Ministries position is a part-time position (20 to 25 hours per week) responsible for leading and equipping our church in musical worship.


  • Ensure that all Sunday Services, Religious Holidays, and other Special Events have musical worship as requested.
  • Recruit and oversee worship leaders, musicians, and vocalists.
  • Recruit and oversee tech ministry (sound, and livestream teams).
  • Manage scheduling of volunteers and teams, using Planning Center.
  • Manage Worship Facilities Specialist.
  • Oversee and manage worship budget, maintenance and purchase of necessary equipment.
  • Oversee worship for Youth & Children’s ministries in conjunction with leadership within these ministries. Support these leaders in recruitment, supervision and equipping these volunteers.


Strong Musical Skills:

  • Advanced skills in singing lead, able to sing in tune and is clearly heard by an audience using a microphone.
  • Ability to play more than one instrument well, is preferred.
  • Ability to play guitar and/or piano well, is required.
  • Ability to lead a band, give signals/cues, give musical direction on song dynamics, style, and overall execution.
  • Knowledge of music theory, as applies to contemporary worship music, is required.
  • Desire to improve and maintains overall quality musicianship in the worship experience.
  • Strong calling or heart for worship ministry, plus desire and ability to lead others on the worship team:
  • Previous experience leading worship, leading a band and leading rehearsals for Church Services.
  • Encourage, pray for, and support members of the team as needed. Though this role is not a pastor position, shepherding/caring for members of the team is needed for the health of the worship team and ministry.
  • Inspire the congregation to engage deeply in worship through song and exhortation both while on the stage leading worship and off the stage as a staff member of the church.
  • Host workshops & trainings, either by leading it yourself or by inviting outside speakers to equip worship team members in their craft.
  • Plan a worship set well, prayerfully discerning themes, matching them to the sermon if appropriate and being aware of musical flow and energy.
  • Communicate worship set, flow and “song map” to worship team.
  • Run rehearsals both during the week and before church services begin.
  • Work with, equip, & empower other worship leaders within the congregation to lead their teams on Sundays and special services.

Technical Skills: 

  • Google Suite and software needed for worship teams, such as, Songselect, Planning Center / Services. Familiar with how music systems work regarding sound production and gear.
  • Working knowledge of band equipment and systems: Able to lead and guide the team with regards to instrument and equipment care and use within a band.
  • Able to work with tech teams to purchase and maintain equipment.
  • Continues to learn and improve as a worship leader. Is teachable, flexible, humble, and able to receive constructive criticism with grace for oneself and others.

Languages: While English is our primary spoken language, we value diversity in our cultures & ethnicities. We incorporate other languages into our services from time to time. Also, if you are able to lead worship songs in Spanish, or are bilingual in Spanish this is a great plus!


Qualified candidates please submit your resume and cover letter to for consideration.


Palo Alto Vineyard Church
935 Sierra Vista Ave Ste A
Mountain View, California 94043


Susan Van Riesen


Palo Alto, CA
Job type
Part Time
20 to 25
Pay rate
TBD, based on qualifications & experience
Ordained position
Exempt status
Not Exempt
Organizational Tasks
Church Ministry