Director of Children’s Ministry and Family Outreach at Palm City Presbyterian Church
Palm City, FL

Description: This job requires clear and ongoing communication with the senior pastor, staff, and volunteers across a wide spectrum of activities inherent to the role. The responsibilities of the position require an individual who has a strong biblical foundation and growing faith in Jesus Christ, leadership skills to supervise and motivate volunteers and staff, excellent written and oral communications, organizational ability, and attention to detail. This person will conduct oneself in a professional manner as a representative of the church and its mission.

Responsibilities: Support the senior pastor to achieve the mission and vision of PCPC. The Director of Children’s Ministry and Family Outreach key responsibilities are to evangelize and disciple children so they may know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ, to build relationships with and among young families, to supervise and train volunteer
support staff, and ensure that child protection policies are strictly followed.

In addition, the Director of Children’s Ministry and Family Outreach will:
• Create an exciting, inviting learning environment for children and families in Children’s Ministry (CM) at PCPC
• Provide an age appropriate program of high quality
• Plan outreach events that energize PCPC families and also introduce families in the community to PCPC, for example Fall Festival, Easter Egg Hunt, etc.
• Recruit, train, coordinate, and supervise staff/volunteers for CM classes and events, worship services, and PCPC programs and safety protocols
• Ensure every child and family knows they are special, welcome, and valued at PCPC
• Provide opportunities for young families to connect with one another and to grow in faith
• Develop a parent/child communication plan using social media, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Shared Google Documents, Meetup, You Tube, Twitter, etc., as appropriate, in addition to PCPC website, newsletter and e-blast to attract, excite, inform, and connect young families with PCPC
• Use quality connection ideas and forms to advise and encourage children and families, e.g. “Thank you for visiting,” “We’ve missed you,” “Happy Birthday,” “Congratulations,” event flyers and promotion
• Maintain an inviting greeter/registration area with greeter(s), information brochures, and visitor registration
• Create a visual identity, including a name and logo for special areas, on communication pieces, to help parents identify CM notifications, and for attractive, user-friendly signage with easy-to-follow
directions to classes, restrooms, and main buildings
• Create opportunities for child involvement, e.g. greet at services and participate in services by reciting, performing, and/or informing about activities
• Coordinate and provide leadership in developing and implementing a young family outreach ministry focused on children’s activities
• Communicate the CM program to other staff, church leaders, congregation, and community as appropriate
• Organize, set up, and stock classrooms with necessary supplies
• Organize and facilitate regular Children’s Ministry Leadership Team meetings (may use technology to
maximize time efficiency) and attend staff meetings
• Work cooperatively with the Director of Youth Ministry
• Work with Buildings and Grounds Team for facility needs
• Proactively address issues or emergencies that arise
• Participate in the annual budget estimating process
• Coordinate childcare for PCPC services and events
• Participate in the life and worship of the PCPC congregation
• Perform other duties as may be assigned

Position Requirements:
• Growing faith in Jesus Christ
• Adherence to the Essential Tenants of ECO (a link to these may be found on the PCPC website)
• Bachelor’s degree preferred
• Previous children’s ministry experience is a plus
• Knowledge of federal and state laws relating to operation of children’s programs
• Participation in evening, weekend, and special events as required


Palm City Presbyterian Church
2700 SW Martin Highway Palm City Presbyterian Church
Palm City, Florida 34990


Kelly Tullidge



Palm City, FL
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Decision Making
Event Coordination
Church Ministry