Executive Pastor at Pacific City Church
Santa Monica, CA

Pacific City Church – Executive Pastor
Pacific City Church is a new Vineyard worshipping community in Santa Monica, California. We are seeking an executive pastor who can work alongside the lead pastor to integrate the vision of the church. The position can be full time or part time.

Job Description

  • Executive. Faithfully develop and execute the church’s 2021-2022 ministry plan, achieving or exceeding planned growth objectives.
  • Manager. Leads, manages, and holds the leadership team, staff, and volunteer leaders accountable for achieving agreed upon commitments.
  • Integrator. Integrates all major operation functions of the church. Ensures everyone is rowing together in the same direction. Models the way, always working toward the greater good of Pacific City Church. These functions include but are not limited to the Sunday service, Growth Track, financial goals, community life, and Pac City’s ministries.
  • Peacemaker. Resolves issues affectively by seeing real problems, being comfortable with conflict, calling out the problems, and solving the problems in a practical and healthy manner. Ensures the leadership team is healthy, functional, and cohesive.
  • Process Builder. Ensures that everyone is truly following and adhering to the church’s core vision and agreed upon processes an operating system with consistency. Demonstrates effective project management skills.
  • Champion. Dependably demonstrates a relentless obsession with values alignment, focus, simplicity, and clarity.
  • Collaborator. Effectively collaborates with the lead pastor and stays on the same page. Maintains a high level of mutual respect with the lead pastor. Realizes the unique contributions and ideas that the lead pastor has and possesses an ability to filter and translate those ideas into functional plans for the church.
  • Communicator. Confirms that all key messages are properly and consistently cascaded throughout the organization. Inherently ensures that everyone is in the know. Verifies that a high level of affective communication exists throughout the organization

Minimum Qualifications

  • 3-5 years of church/ministry leadership experience
  • Prior pastoral experience preferred, but not required
  • Business and corporate experience welcome
  • Proven track record of making and multiplying disciples
  • Strong visionary leadership skills with an ability to recruit and train other leaders to assist in implementing the vision
  • Demonstrated effectiveness and desire to share the Gospel with non-Christians, particularly those in a more secular setting
  • An ability to gather people and generate excitement and buy-in by casting vision and creating an amazing experience
  • Ability to recruit, lead, train and supervise volunteers
  • Deep knowledge of scripture and a lifestyle of committed and growing discipleship
  • Satisfactory background check required


Pacific City Church
PO BOX 3710
Santa Monica, California 90408


Christopher Meekins



Santa Monica, CA
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Decision Making
Organizational Management
Church Ministry