Executive Pastor at Northview Bible Church
Spokane, WA

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Northview Bible Church, in Spokane, WA, is looking for an Executive Pastor. Northview is a suburban church of 750 (pre-Covid) with a strong core of committed Christians who want to grow in their walk with Christ, and who desire to make a difference in their communities through intentional, relationship disciple-making, evangelism and world-wide missions. We are a family church of all ages, shapes and sizes. We are excited to serve Jesus.

The Executive Pastor will have proven experience in exercising Leadership and Pastoral skills. He will lead, develop and direct the church staff and all areas of ministry. He will lead in strategic planning, recruitment, human resources, finance and infrastructure working to accomplish the vision of the Elders. He will be a shepherding pastor who is committed to making disciples, with a passion for people’s lives to be transformed by Jesus Christ. He will be an active and gifted part of the teaching team. He will shepherd hurting people. This proven leader will take initiative while enjoying working with a team. If you are an encourager who has strong relational skills, this may well be a fit for you.   Please visit www.northviewbible.church for more information.


Executive Pastor

Job Description:


The Executive pastor will lead the operational and administrative aspects of the church. They will lead and direct our staff. They will lead strategic planning, human resources, recruitment, and develop the infrastructure needed to accomplish the vison of the church. They will oversee the organizational aspects of ministry. While elders point to where the ship is going, it is the executive pastor who makes sure the ship makes it to its destination.



Reports to:                         Lead Pastor

Reports to him:                All Staff



Major roles:

1.       Chief of staff:

Oversees human resources. Runs logistics of staff meetings, staff retreats and strategic planning meetings. Reviews all ministries in light of the church mission and core values. Hones job descriptions to maximize effectiveness and clarity. Collaborates with lead Pastor and Elders in repositioning staff.


2.       Leadership development:

In partnership with Lead Pastor and Elders, he will lead and direct all ministries in order to accomplish the vision of the church. He will provide leadership development for all ministry areas, consulting and advising pastors and key ministry leaders. Will work to enhance communication between all staff and leaders.


3.       Ministry design and implementation:

Develops and oversees operation infrastructure to support the ministries of the church, including information technology and financial effectiveness.  Will identify and address areas that are hampering growth. Coordinates the annual budget team comprised of elders and deacons. Establishes procedures for smooth running of ministry and policies to promote the health and safety of the church.


4.       Pastor/Shepherd:

Exercises discernment and grace while shepherding God’s people. Intentionally and relationally pursues disciples-making relationships. Will be part of the preaching team (8-10 times a year). Available to teach, counsel hurting people with biblical wisdom, perform weddings and funerals.


Skills and expectations:

·         Fosters and models a disciple-making culture

·         Strong relationally

·         Excellent communicator

·         Proven initiative and leadership

·         Understands clear pathways to fulfill the vision

·         Strong planning and administrative skills

·         Skilled at recruiting and delegates effectively

·         Proactive in defusing potential conflict

·         Willing to confront with love and grace.

·         Competent biblical counselor

·         Minimum 5 years’ experience of pastoral and church executive management

·         Earned Master, Master of Divinity or Theology and/or equivalent experience


Qualifications and characteristics:

·         Love God and loves people

·         Listens well

·         Teachable, humble, approachable

·         Discerning

·         Prayerfully dependent on God

·         Committed to excellence, honesty and integrity

·         Team player

·         Encourager

·         Good sense of humor


Northview Bible Church
13521 N. Mill Rd.
Spokane, Washington 99208


Northview Bible Church



Spokane, WA
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