High School Youth Pastor at North Coast Calvary Chapel
Carlsbad, CA 92011

General Description
Our high school pastor leads our ministry efforts to reach, disciple, train, and send high school-aged (9th-12th grade) students. They must be a team leader who is comfortable with both direct leadership – doing directly – and indirect leadership – accomplishing through others. We are not looking for someone who wants to do it alone, but finds satisfaction in assembling a team of volunteers as well as supervising and collaborating with the high school staff team (full-time associate + admin staff). As a ministry leader, the high school pastor will embody the vision and values of our church with a high priority placed on authenticity. We strive to be a church without walls – one that doesn’t construct artificial barriers for people who want to come to Christ, as well as one that isn’t satisfied merely to create a separatist subculture; we want people to live as salt and light in their daily lives out in the world. Our high school ministry should reflect that ethos. With that in mind, the high school pastor will devise and execute programs and initiatives whose intended outcome is the Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered transformation of high school students, who will live out transformed lives in their schools, families, and neighborhoods.


Specific Duties and Responsibilities
•       Work under the leadership of the Pastor of Children & Youth to hone vision and develop yearly goals & tactics for this age group.

•       Build program and relational architecture to promote long-term sustainability of the ministry.

•       Attend to personal health and growth: spiritual, relational, and vocational.

•       Identify, recruit, train, and coach volunteer leaders who work directly with students in small group and one-to-one settings.

•       Meet weekly with high school staff about short-range and long-range priorities and planning.

•       Meet weekly with your supervisor for personal, spiritual, and strategic check-in and coaching.

•       Plan and execute weekend services. It is anticipated the High School Pastor will teach at least 50% of the time (depending on gifting & aptitude).

•       Plan and execute midweek program (Wednesday night).

•       Oversee curriculum content for weekends/midweek: teaching series themes, small group materials.

•       Maintain event calendar, furnishing appropriate details for promotional literature.

•       Plan special events, including camps.

•       Counsel high school students who are in crisis & consult with parents when necessary.

•       Be a presence wherever high school students are on campus, whether serving or worshiping.

•       Develop effective off-campus outreach and contact strategies.

•       Participate in NCCC’s Life-On-Life Missional Discipleship initiative (multiplicative disciple making)

•       Participate in NCCC’s Pastor on Call and Pastor on Duty rotations.

•       Other duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications
•       College graduate, bachelor’s degree.

•       3-5 years experience working with youth in a medium-to-large church environment.

•       Commitment to the historic doctrines of the Christian faith. We are a non-denominational, evangelical Protestant Christian church.

•       Practicing Christian, committed to personal and spiritual growth.

•       Some experience with public speaking and educational design.

•       Commitment to the historic Christian teachings regarding marriage and sexuality.

•       Valid driver’s license and ability to travel to and from work.


Desirable Qualifications
•       Experience supervising staff or interns.

•       Experience with indirect leadership (leading others who lead students vs. direct involvement).

•       Musical ability.

•       Background in biblical studies or degree related to religious studies or ministry.

•       Extensive involvement, either paid or volunteer, working with youth (in any context).

•       Clear understanding of own ministry philosophy and calling.


Knowledge & Skills Required for the Job
•       Commitment to the historic doctrines of the Christian faith. We are a non-denominational, evangelical Protestant Christian church.

•       Understanding of and commitment to the ministry values of NCCC.

•       Ability to apprehend and communicate biblical truth in a way that is relatable to adolescents.

•       Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks at once across multiple projects, delegating where appropriate.

•       Ability to budget time and ministry finances.

•       Hard worker, self-starter, who takes ownership of tasks and follows through.

•       Strong understanding and appreciation of adolescent development and the influence/role of family.

•       Understanding of the role, potential, and limitations of the traditional youth ministry, coupled with a desire to go beyond and do better.

•       To that end^, teachable and coachable and willing to improve.


Personal Relations
•       Can transcend subcultures, recognizing that there’s not “one way” to minister to teenagers and that they can’t do it alone, but must build a team.

•       Open to and welcoming of partnerships with other churches. We are one iteration of the Body of Christ.

•       Ability to interact in a healthy way with staff, church members, vendors and volunteers

•       Ability to keep church and personal information confidential

•       It is expected that this person and their family will make NCCC their church home, attending a weekend service regularly.


Work Environment
• On-campus work is in an office setting and program rooms. It is expected that most team meetings and planning will happen on site. Off-site commitments may include camps, attendance at student sporting events, performances, graduations, etc.


North Coast Calvary Chapel
1330 Poinsettia Lane
Carlsbad, California 92011


Mark Friestad
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Carlsbad, CA 92011
Job type
Full Time
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Ordained position
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Organizational Management
Personal Interaction
Team Building
Working with Adolescents
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