Senior Pastor at New Providence Presbyterian Church
New Providence, NJ


To seek God’s leading for our congregation, and to provide spiritual and organizational leadership to fulfill the vision and mission of the New Providence Presbyterian Church.

* Pursues a mature and vibrant personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a thorough knowledge of and adherence to the authoritative, inspired, infallible Word of God in Scripture.
* Preaches inspiring and challenging messages that proclaim God’s Word with enthusiasm, passion and conviction.
* Knows, encourages, and equips members of the congregation to grow in faith, knowledge of the Word of God, and love for Jesus Christ.
* Is willing to address the compelling and challenging subjects of the day without compromise, but with grace, supported by Scripture.
* Plans and leads traditional and contemporary worship services that are motivating and engaging.
* Leads with a clear and compelling plan for the future to be achieved through creating a collaborative culture in the congregation and uniting members toward a common vision.
* Engages with organizations and communities in the broader area to promote the vision, mission and core values of the church.
* Inspires generous stewardship of time, talent, and treasure from the entire congregation.
* Maintains a passion for evangelism in the local community, as well as for cultivating and investing in the next generation of believers.
* Is a wise, enthusiastic, and collaborative leader and manager who is motivated to train, mentor, and supervise a multi-staff organization.
* Is willing to be a servant leader in caring for the congregation.
* Holds theological alignment with and adheres to the Essential Tenets of ECO and will be ordained, if not already, as an ECO pastor.
* Possesses strong interpersonal and communication (oral and written) skills.
* Possesses integrity, vision, discernment, compassion, humor.


a. Have a demonstrated preaching ability as the primary preaching minister – 40+ weeks per year – including thorough sermon preparation of a consistent and effective biblically-based message.
b. Plan and coordinate worship in conjunction with staff and lay leaders for both traditional and contemporary worship services, and ensure the biblical basis of all content.
c. Oversee outreach / evangelism / missions efforts in local communities by staff and the congregation.

a. Implement an effective organizational and staffing structure (including staffing changes) that achieves the mission and vision of the church.
b. Supervise and mentor staff (including annual evaluations in conjunction with the Personnel Committee) to ensure efficient and effective operation and organization of the staff and all programs and ministries, and the use of each staff member’s talents to achieve the highest level of performance. At present, the current “direct reports” on staff are:
i. Associate Pastor
ii. Minister of Pastoral Care
iii. Director of Finance
iv. Director of Children’s Ministries
v. Director of Traditional Worship
vi. Director of Contemporary Worship
vii. Service Producer and Director of Technology
viii. Director of Missions
ix. Director of Nursery School

a. Maintain an active and visible role in the life of the congregation, and ensure that the pastoral care needs of the congregation are met.
b. Encourage and guide the congregation to mature in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, including development and oversight of existing and new programs for adult education, discipling, pastoral care, and missions outreach.
c. Perform weddings, funerals, pastoral visits, and emergency responses as requested and on a limited basis.
d. Serve as a member of the presbytery or committees of ECO and in other appropriate organizations.

a. Plan and moderate all Session meetings and Congregational meetings, including the annual Congregational meeting for presentation of the annual budget.
b. Provide an orientation program for newly elected Elders.
c. Based on God’s leading, work closely with Session and staff to put the core values of the church into action, and nurture its identity, vision, and mission.
d. Serve as an ex-officio member of the Nominating Committee, Finance Committee, and Personnel Committee.

a. Oversee and provide administrative leadership for the church’s programs, finances, and facilities.
b. In consultation with Session and the appropriate committee(s), develop, implement and maintain effective policies and procedures (including disciplinary policies and procedures) that ensure the integrity of the church and promote its mission and vision.
c. Provide leadership for the stewardship and fiscal responsibility of the congregation, and use of the church’s financial resources consistent with its mission, vision and core values.

* Master of Divinity or higher from an accredited seminary in a reformed tradition.
* Minimum of 5 years of ministerial experience, in the role of either Senior Pastor or Associate Pastor with major preaching responsibilities.


New Providence Presbyterian Church
1307 Springfield Avenue
New Providence, New Jersey 07974


Benjamin M Lowe


New Providence, NJ
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