Associate for Young Adult and Youth Ministries at National Presbyterian Church
Washington, DC 20016

The Associate for Young Adult and Youth Ministries has a heart for reaching young adults and youth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This position will be responsible for the innovation and development of a sustainable model for the outreach and discipleship of young professionals at National Presbyterian Church.

This position will also support the weekly youth programs (Sunday School, youth group) and special events (retreats, service events, etc), through the relational outreach and connection aspect of the Youth Ministry.

The Associate for Young Adult and Youth Ministries works under the supervision of the Director of Youth and Family Ministry in accordance with all stated policies of the Church and to advance the overall mission of NPC, as part of the Church’s ministry vision and strategic plan.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

The Associate for Youth and Young Adult Ministry will take on various degrees of leadership in the following areas:

  1. Young Adult Ministry:
    1. Developing relationships with the young adults who currently worship at National Presbyterian Church.
    2. Serving as a welcoming point of contact for new young adults who visit National Presbyterian Church.
    3. Developing a sustainable programmatic model to engage young adults in Christian fellowship and discipleship.
    4. Planning and executing Young Adult ministry events, camps, and retreats.
    5. Developing and leading a young adult leadership team.
    6. Managing the Young Adult ministry budget.
  2. Youth Ministry:
    1. Developing discipleship relationships with youth and building relationships with families.
    2. Developing a connection plan, to ensure that every youth is contacted at least twice/year.
    3. Supporting weekly Sunday School and Youth Group.
    4. Assisting with planning and preparation for special events, including fall retreats, overnights, summer trips, etc.

The Associate for Young Adult and Youth Ministries will also participate in the following activities:

  1. Ministry staff and committee meetings
  2. Other duties as assigned by the Ministry Directors
  3. Regular personal spiritual practices (e.g., Bible reading, prayer, etc.).


National Presbyterian Church
4101 Nebraska Ave. NW
Washington, District of Columbia 20016


Kristin Franke
[email protected]


Washington, DC 20016
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Full Time
Full time
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Salaried, full time
Ordained position
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Church Ministry