Senior Pastor at Mt. Hebron Missionary Baptist Church
Garland, Texas

Senior Pastor of Mount Hebron

A minimum of 5 years of seminary training.
A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a discipline.
In place of seminary training, a minimum of 5 years of successful ministry service either as senior pastor or as a paid associate pastor under an experienced senior pastor.
Submit to background checks criminal, financial, driver license and a drug test
A lifestyle that is consistent with the Mount Hebron Statement of Faith and Beliefs.
Possess the qualities of a maturing disciple of Jesus Christ.
General Duties and Responsibilities:

The pastor is responsible for leading the Church to function as a New Testament Church. It shall be the pastor's duty to direct and supervise the public religious instructions of the congregation in the pulpit and in all other church departments.  The pastor will always work to maintain unity and harmony within the church body (i.e., dispute or disagreement).  The Pastor is the Spiritual guide of the church and must stand up for the defense of the Gospel.  Must see that no false doctrine is taught to the Church and administer the ordinances of the Church.  Must be a Christian role model for members of the congregation whose life reflects his teachings. Lead the pastoral ministries in the Church, working with the deacons, trustees, and church staff to:


Lead the Church in the achievement of its mission.
Proclaim the gospel to believers and unbelievers.
Care for the church’s members and other persons in the community.

The senior pastor must be able to cast a specific vision for the church after serving at least one year as senior pastor
Possess general knowledge and use of technology for communication, instruction, administrative duties, sermon preparation, and delivery.
Responsible for holding annual/bi-annual spiritual leadership meetings with the Executive Council and for ministry leaders.
Continuous leadership training for leaders and upcoming leaders.
Mentor and develop associate ministers, and collaborate with deacons, ministry leaders, trustees, Executive Council, and other leaders within the church.
Ability to work within the prescribed operational budget
Produce, at least annually, goals and objectives that help the church reach its stated mission and vision.
Present an effective, personal witness for Church
Possess and maintain good interpersonal skills (i.e., communication, effective admonishing and exhorting)
Give Church related activities top priority after family
Specific Duties (not in order of priority; not all inclusive:

In coordination with church leadership, cast, communicate and lead the church to accomplish the vision of the church.
Establish scheduled office hours.
Sermon and teaching preparation
Spiritual development of staff
Ensure visitation of sick and shut-in
Community engagement, serving as a liaison between the church and community.
Providing counseling and/or supervision of counseling to members and non-members.
Coordinate with the church executive administrator when out of office during core office hours.
Serve as liaison between the church and its religious association(s).
Provide and/or supervise preaching and teaching on Sunday, Mid-Week services and bible studies.
Personally lead the church in activities that contribute to the spiritual growth of both the church and community.
Assist in and/or supervise the development of lesson plans for education ministries.
Ensure all major Church matters are first brought to the attention of the Executive Council before presenting to the general church body.
Prepare a monthly report to the Executive Council noting Praise, Plans, Progress, and Problems related to the pastoral ministry.
Oversee dedications (i.e., babies, homes, etc.), weddings, and funerals for church members. When unable to perform stated duties contact the deacon chairman/vice chairman.
Supervise, monitor, and evaluate the planning and execution of the worship services.
Accountable To:

Jesus, executive council and ultimately the congregation
Accountable For:

Ministerial staff, both compensated and volunteer
Bible study teachers and ministry volunteers
Deacon Ministry

Resumes are being accepted through January 31, 2023.


Mt. Hebron Missionary Baptist Church
1233 State Hwy 66
Garland, Texas 75040


Peggy Mathis

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Garland, Texas
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